Did the Celtic players deserve this?


after the Ross county game

We are Celtic Supporters,
Faithful through and through,
Over and Over,
We will follow you…

We’re a laughing stock in truth - that’s the type of stuff we’ve mocked the huns for doing in recent years. The players deserve grief all right but it’s gas to think that the reaction of some folk after the game on Saturday was to hop in their cars and head up to Celtic Park to unleash venom. :lol:

Nothing unsupportive about demanding more from the players. They’re supporting the team - if the players don’t contribute enough then they deserve whatever abuse.

We will follow you…
Up to the car park
When you get off the bus
And then follow you to your car

Poor Sammy got a real serve there. Pity it doesn’t show O’Dea and McGeady having a go back and Lennon coming over to placate the supporters.