Diet Coke

is diet coke a fat womans drink? I had always noticed it, but just brought more to my attention in the last while. I was in Tesco’s yesterday and was just strolling around, and I saw this trolley left unattended. Dont know what made me notice, but there was 2 bottles of diet coke in it, the 2 litre version, and then there was a load of microwave meals, and some probiotic yogurt stuff, and a big bag of cheesy poofs on top. I said it to the missus I bet thats a fat womans trolley, and sure enough, when the person came to get the trolley back, she was as big as a house.

and then this morning I came into work, and noticed a 2 litre bottle of coke left out beside the water purifier thing we have here. There is a very large woman in work here, and I just knew it would be hers, and sure enough, she came in at 10 to get a half litre glass of diet coke.

there was a one myself and Fran used to work with a few years back, and she was massive too, and would only drink diet coke. Went mental at me one time coz I got her a regular bottle of coke at lunch. And in take away places and stuff, can I have a supersize extra large portion of fatty food, and a diet coke please.

personally, I think it tastes like crap. Would have the odd bottle of regular coke or pepsi, but wouldnt overdo fizzy drinks. just think its mad with the one in here and having the bottle by the water filter.

Well diabetics tend to drink it too. It’s because of this I have grown accustomed to the taste over the years.


Im not diabetic

obviously for pure refreshment nothing beats a mountain dew but Coke Zero isnt bad ,its sugar free & tastes more like coke

diet coke is pure shit…however anyone can drink copious amounts of it is beyond me…would be more of a bottled water man or lucosade sport myself…

its amazing that if these fat women actually stopped drinking diet coke and drank water instead thay would easily lose a stone if not more in a month-6 weeks…

I have a more evolved pallete you see. Crab juice is a favourite of mine.

It goes down well with Khal-Khalash. :slight_smile:

Silent forum member iamthelaw used to drink a can of diet coke every day (had to be diet)…

I can confirm that he was not a big fat woman…