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I have two skylights that are way out of reach* and I need to find opening systems for them. It’s a pull open bar system but unfortunately it’s about 4m over my head. I’m looking for a rope based pulley system to install in order to be able to open them.

The hyperweb has been unhelpful so far.

Any ideas, shops or suppliers, etc would be gratefully accepted.

*Not just cos I’m short.

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Would a pole with a hook on the end not reach it?


See here:!|utmccn=(not%20set)|utmcmd=(not%20set)|utmctr=velux%20window%20pulley&__utmv=-&__utmk=186521385


No dice on the hook. Couldn’t find telescopic long enough and the shutting of it is a cunt with that(past experience on a lower window of same variety).


Have you considered a Barmy?


Ta Rocko but that gives me a maximum of 2.8metres. Not long enough unfortunately.


Would you Fall for a long stand and installing a sky hook??
Cant see how a rope system would help has to be a telescopic handle and a hook as well as some sort of hook on the windows to help closing

Any decent builder’s providers will have telescopic handles usually for painting


Adding another metre or so should be handy enough - just an old brush handle and a bit of tape to the telescopic velux one and you’ll be there. Save you inviting Barmy around every night.


Rope system is from my folks gaff and it has lasted about 20 years with a family that manages to break everything. Nice and tidy and easy to work.

I’ll have to pass on the skyhooks and long stands I’m afraid. Tartan paints is your only man.


Ceiling about 18 feet or so?? Would there be a balcony or something near??


Skylight goes from landing up through the attic. Balcony is not really a goer. Will be hitting a building providers tomorrow for a look.


Anyone have an electric planer handy who could shave a couple of millimetres off the bottom of two timber doors? I’d rather not bother buying a planer and could do with an extra pair of hands to take down and put back up the doors anyway.


Reminds me of a gobshite down my way. The door was scraping the ground so he hired out a kangoo and broke out a section of the floor and repoured it a few mm lower to solve the problem.


are you looking to replace the rooflights themselves? dont think you’d be able to get a system to work without changing the rooflight itself. would need a mechanical gear system and then have it electric or manual. something like this: should do the job. yer man there is sound enough, could tell you other options if needed.


Are spanners a standard size?

I have a set of spanners. They have numbers on them such as 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16

I have a nut that I need to tighten and it’s between the 12 + 14 spanner. Can I just ask for a number 13 spanner or are those sizes brand-specific?


get a vice grips


+1 a much better idea


Vice grips are an abomination that have no place in any self respecting mans toolbox. Lazy way out and in time will make shit of the bolt heads.

Yes Rocko, no.13 spanners is your only man.


Thanks HB. That’s what I thought. Those things just make a mess of what you’re applying the force to in my limited experience.



The farmer’s toolbox