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Why would my tumble dryer all of a sudden start tripping the switch in the house every time it’s turned on. Has happened every time now for last few days. Iv switched off all other heavy using appliances to make sure it’s the dryer and it appears to be common denominator alright.

Trips switch for plugs only which is odd as well. Lights etc stay on


Which switch exactly is tripping?


No idea how to describe it other than saying all plugs in house cut out when it trips. Are they in a standard formation

Does G-RCD make sense?


Your switch board is doing it’s job mate.
Stop switching it on, there’s something gone wrong in it.
I presume you have cleaned out the fluff and the filter, vents etc. It might just be overheating.
If it’s a condenser make sure thats empty and not leaking or anything.
Is it old?
Also just an fyi the lights should never go if the fuses trip. Different circuit.


Yeah, RCD is protecting the socket circuit. The lighting circuit is separate.
Plug out all appliances except the drier and switch it on. If the RCD trips the drier has developed a fault.


Take off the kickboard and check for water leaks underneath. I have seen water leaks from the machine and also from the outhose being loose at the pipe outlet both causing similar problems.


Check for leaks and clean it out etc as stated above, but it’s most likely the motor or the heating element. Have a good look at when it trips. Might be when the heater turns on or when the motor starts or goes into reverse.

Also, just checking, don’t abuse me, some condenser dryers have a water reservoir that needs to be emptied. Is it a condenser dryer?


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Well Gents thanks for advice. I followed the guidance and it did appear that the pipe that brings water from the drum (it is a condenser) was not draining the water into the correct tank at all and was a litre or more of water sitting in the bottom of the dryer behind the filter. Gave it all a good clean and let it dry for few hours, including a good blast of the hairdryer. Delighted with myself.

Til I turned it on. 5 mins and tripped again

Will leave it awhile now maybe just wasn’t fully dry. I that doesn’t work il just move house


The condenser unit itself needs to be cleaned out regularly. It’s above the tank and removable, on mine anyway. Take it out and give it a good clean out with whatever tool is suitable and an air blast gun (local garage?). Hair dryer not up to the job unfortunately.


Mine is below tank and I keep it clean enough. Just something went rogue with the water collector. Child related I’d say pulling and dragging at it


Disaster here this morning guys.I put on a lovely roast beef joint and after it cooked I wrapped it in tinfoil and placed on a plastic chopping board … I them left the whole lot on top of the electric hob thing, all ok until Mrs Bradley truned on the wrong hob!!! and went for a shower … End result the plastic board along with the roast joint are now melted all over the top of the cooking ring/ hob thingy.
There’s a cruel smell around the whole house, that’ll go in time but I don’t know how I’m gonna clear the melted plastic and burnt beef off of the ring.
It’s a white enamel type set up. Each ring is raised about 30mm from the base.
Any ideas on how to remove the plastic. Thought once it cooled it might lift off in one big lump but no luck.


This is what I’m dealing with.
Maybe a new one isn’t expensive ?


Chuck it out lad and get one of the subbies on the job to order an extra one.Job done


Happened me with my Stanley range . Had to get get a paint scraper and wire brush at it. Had to heat it, then when it was at a certain temp I was able to scrape a lot of it off.
The smell was desperate though.


I’m actually at it now with a paint scraper. I’ll have to go down the road of turning it on again and stinking the house out of it I think.
Think I’ll leave it until tomorrow when they’re in school. There’s a lot of akward ridges etc to clean.


That sounds horrible. Good luck brimmer.


The range top was flat which obviously made it a lot easier .


Enjoy your day off. :thumbsup:


Not off. I’ll take an early lunch and go at it then. The smell should be gone by the evening then when we return home.