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Will you get it done in an hour?

Did you head into Thurles this afternoon? C/R lead Mullinahone by 6 approaching HT.


Lads, is there a specific name for this type/style of light?

[Picture to follow]

I’ve a host of them all around my apartment in the ceilings in all the rooms and they’re all going out bit by bit. I’d hardly be expected to get up on a ladder and replace them, would I?

Edit: here’s the pic.


I’d call it recessed lighting.
They are generally pretty easy to change once you can reach them.


Are they the main lighting?If they are relatively new as in last 10 years nor so they will be GU10 bulb fittings, very easy change. If you plan on staying in the Apartment longer than 12 months buy led replacements, the halogen equivalents are a bastard for blowing because of the heat generated by them and they are in an enclosed area .

Looking at the rim of brass or whatever around the bulb i’d like to see a closer pic. they ma be GU4 with a cover over them as part of the fixture.


@Bandage do you have halogen or LED spots?


I don’t know. :fearful:


We will work this out for you. Turn off the lights and take a photo to post here.


I’m not at home right now. :cry: :worried:

Will you be able to help later?


Will you be able to reach them to take one out?
Turn off the lighting. Wait for it to cool down a bit, then climb up and have a look.
Generally there will be some sort of brass ring holding the bulb in place, once you unclip that the bulb should drop a little making it easy to press up and twist to take take it out.


We’ll sort you out Bandage and walk you through changing this light bulb step by step.


Get a bit of filler for the crack in the ceiling as well mate.


Bandage, they’re GU 10 lights. You’ll get them in any decent supermarket or hardware shop. The halogen ones are a cunt as they keep blowing out so get LED ones, but make sure you get the highest lumens they have because some of them are very dark.

Depending on your height you may have to get up a ladder but sometimes you can reach them standing on a table or chair. There’s a little metal clip that you remove and then the light should pop out a bit and then you twist it to remove it. If it doesn’t pop out when you take out the clip get a little implement like a nail file to worry it out so that you can twist it.

Any more help or advice needed I’m here for you.


Fine advice, but I’m concerned about Bandage doing himself harm falling off a chair. I wonder could the house keeper do it?


@Bandage, you need to get the warm white option for the LED bulbs


Ikea do excellent ones. Worth changing them all at same time too rather than have different shades

Great ‘how many accountants does it take to change a lightbulb’ gag here for someone to make


I’d say and ad already on


What a bloody forum - outstanding advice and service.

I’m still going to ask the maintenance man to do it though.


Cc @The_Selfish_Giant


Smart move. At least now you will be wise to when he tries to rewire your entire house for 5 figures.


I have a mezannine type landing in my house and two of the recessed lights have blown in the area thats full house height. Absolutely nobidea how I will change them barring I rented out a cherrypicker

Ladder won’t do the trick