DIY General thread


Photos please. We cant advise until then


Lightweight aluminum scaffold tower. Have 2 likewise in my own place, changed them to led and luckily haven’t had an issue yet. If you know a painter or plasterer, they might be able to help.


15 bathrooms and a fancy dan mezannine


Anyone any recommendations for a stove?
It’s going to be going into a reasonably small room, about 5m x 5m.
Won’t be connected to a back boiler.


I’ve had a few dealings with the Technical Dept. in Stanley. Can’t rate them highly enough. There’s an English lad there and he knows his stuff.


I was in Dealz last week and was very impressed with their selection of bulbs, I’d imagine they’re a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere.


Pop out to Larry Ryans, he won’t see you wrong.


Is that Ryan’s Stoves on the Old Dublin Road?


Thats the one.


Stanley outsource a lot of their stuff to China now and apparently have a much inferior product because of it.


Henley the same I believe, probably a few more. It came out in the press recently iirc.


I have a lovely Boru one.


2 step ladders and a plank


I like this Stanley Oisin


My boru one is like that only black.


Did not know that. We’ve a Stanley Erin in for over 10 years with a back boiler and it’s been a great little stove.


I wouldn’t be brave enough for that I don’t think albeit I have considered it


Have an oisin stove myself. Great little stove


Has anyone installed a stove into a sun room to keep it warm during winter?

I have a decent drive with a back boiler in the living room but it barely registers on the rads in the sun room. Started looking into it last week.


I have 84sqm of laminate floors facing me tomorrow :neutral_face: