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Getting to flu sorted is usually the tricky bit. Make sure its properly insulated as wood burns fierce hot. Also getting proper draught can be a challenge in some locations.


Fair play to you runt. I’d tend to pay a fella to do the likes of this but with laminate there is very little that can go wrong. A few before and after shots and you could break the like record!


Dermot Bannon advise is to demolish it.

Tough love. Sorry pal

#I know that this may not be what you wanted to hear and, yes, putting a stove into the sun-room will make it cosier, but only when it’s lit - that means more work for you.

#You are essentially trying to create another living space in a house which already has two. However, removing the sun-room will improve the existing living room by allowing more light into it. Breaking through will connect it to the kitchen dining space, meaning that you will use it throughout the day, and getting rid of the sun-room will dramatically improve the dining and kitchen area and give you a larger sun-trap outside in a house that is, as you said, twice as big as you need it to be.#


That’s about 3 solid days work for a non pro, I’ve laid a fair bit of flooring in my time and it’s handy once you prep properly.
Good luck.


We’re in a good location and I’ve spoken to a local crowd. I reckon I could get a multifuel one in for less than a grand including the plinth and flu to the necessary height.

One if the guys at work today said to look into getting a few fired stove. No need for the flu then apparently.


Lah di day with your laminate


You’ll need new trainers to go with that.


I’ll give it a good rattle for Saturday and sunday and see how much I get done. I’ll have a lad giving me a hand for some of it, so hopefully between the two of us we’ll get a fair dent in it. Did a couple of smaller rooms last week to warm up.


done and dusted. Along with a bit extra. Time for a pint I think.




That’s some going in 2 days mate, blank canvas obviously? You’re sure the lad ‘helping’ isn’t a carpenter?


He’s not a carpenter but he was handy enough. Stuff I got for main area was way easier to work with than the bedroom stuff. Having two makes it way quicker. He was doing most of the cutting while I was laying it and marking.


Did ye throw on the skirting as well?


Jaysus no. I’ll be getting someone in to do that next week.


+1 that’s where my carpentry skills would stop as well.


How much would a tradesman charge to lay that?


Cunt of a job this week. The fencing needs painting


200 a day for a decent second fixer.


You strike me as a Tom Sawyer type, round up a few of the local kids and use your sales skills to convince them how good an exercise it is