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More like a tenner a yard which will set him back over a grand.


A seasoned second fixer would knock 3 days out of it… 600. Either way the runt saved himself the price of nice weekend away with the missus :clap:


I believe he has the accommodation for Cheltenham booked.


I might have saved that much but it doesn’t mean I have that much


2 pm yesterday switch trips in my house. Flick it back on. Trips again 15 mins later. Sockets and immersion both knocked out.

2pm -4pm gradually try process of elimination to see whats causing the issue. Fail miserably
Call mate who is a sparks to come and fix it.

6pm. He has identified the problem as being a recently replaced immersion. This is turned off and every socket in house put into action. Problem solved just need to get plumber to reinstal the immersion. No big deal. All other sockets working fine

2am woken by beeping fridge warning that power is out again.fucking tripped again.

2am - 5am i go through the process again of plugging items out individually to identify which socket is causing the issue. No dice.

Literally the only thing that is plugged in right now in house is my fridge as its too difficult to plug it out. Its fucking carnage because when i turn back the trip switch the power works fine for 15 mins exactly give or take 20 seconds. Sparks now reckons must be some motor or other in the fridge that kicks in every 15 mins or so.

Thumb is up hole by now and trying to figure out best way to burn the house down for the insurance


It’s @Rocko solution time. Buy a new house. One with electricity. And tell your mate he’s a hapless cunt.


Get a job. that way you can afford proper electrics in your house and not have to get jobs done by cheap lads who half do things


I hate that when i throw up a shit post then have to go back and edit it to add another few lines so that people will get the joke.


Thats the biggest problem. I didnt build this house so i dont know who wired it and they didnt identify on the individual breakers what was wired to each one


Or when you hit reply mid typing.


When Mrs Gil walks in and sees him with the phone in his hand when he should have a wire stripper :grinning:


Iv already far surpassed expectations by actuslly having the ability to turn the tripped switch back on. The bar was not high


It will be the dishwasher


I am officially the king of DIY. In the past month I’ve around 170sqm of laminate floors laid, all rooms painted, endless other small bits and pieces sorted out and finally moving back in today :clap:


Hail. Hail.
Did you have time off or was this while you were at the day job as well?


It wasnt. Was the first thing i disconnected.
Interestingly the sparks said Kettle, immersion, dishwasher in that order are most likely causes

I think it is the fridge. Iv shut it off and everything up and running for last hour. Turning things back on gradually now


For some reason, this scene comes to mind


More swearing and youv got it


Everything still working since you pulled the plug in the fridge?