DIY General thread


I had to leave the house the tension was too much so I dont know (that and i had to run and put about 50 pre prepared kids portions of shepards pie stew and lasagne into my mothers freezer)


Yea our freezer calved just before we went on holidays. Has to do the same. Back from Rosslare yesterday. Was planning on buying a new one today but I’m hungover so will leave it till Monday


Day job as well, with a day off here and there. Wanted to get all the painting done before we moved in because I knew if I didn’t then it wouldn’t get done for months / years


Top top man.


Doing the internal painting is an expensive job thats a good cash saver. High risk though as any smear at all will never be forgotten


You did well. Awkward job made easier if you get it done now


Lads. I’ve fucked it up. I borrowed a hedge trimmer thing from the father in law and have just severed the power cable. How do I fix a severed cable safely? They’ll be mad for the safety.



Hands that do dishes right there, you’d expect the owner of those to make a balls of DIY,
Buy a new one or you’ll kill yourself trying to repair it


Says the fella that struggled with an inflatable paddling pool! My DIY skills have never let me down before…


Your thumbnail is in an awful way



This is a multi stage plan
First wrap it in red insulation tape and hope he doesn’t notice when you hand it back.
Then return for it again a few days later with some excuse.
When you go down to the shed for it, jump back out claiming you saw a rat. Eventually bravely edge your way back in and discover that the rat has gnawed through the cable.


I generally let em grow. It’s a hangover from the days when I was smoking a lot of weed.


How safe is that though?


Same thing happened mine a few years ago. Two options:

Open it up and try re-terminate the cable into the strimmer. Probably anti-tamper screws. You need to be careful as it will have gear and possibly spring mechanisms that pop out when opened. When I opened mine the cables were welded rather than terminated, and the weld points wouldn’t take solder. So I went for option 2.

Put an electrical connector in where the break is and seal with insulating tape.Then reseal the whole joint with self amalgamating tape to get a watertight seal.

Have a look on youTube how to open your strimmer and how to use self amalgamating tape.


Stanley knife, blue insulation tape And red insulation tape. You could change heating it over a flame and prising some red plastic back over the joint.

Or just break the joint altogether and put a socket on one end and a plug on the other. Tell your FIL it’s a safety feature :joy:


whatever you do, do NOT cut the blue wire


Yippeekayeh motherfuckers! Job done. Bushes cut. Lawn cut. Tank dipped. I’m off to the top of the world thread. Thanks for all the help lads.


What’s the IP rating on that @Juhniallio?