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It gets 5 stars on the J-scale and that’s all I know.


Is the J-scale a measure of how well an object survives the fall from a vending machine?


Take my advice and seal that with self amalgamating tape.


Will do! Thanks


Painting skirting boards :roll_eyes:


Bit of a stretch for you is it?

Brought to you by the MBB has a basement, FOD is a lurker, Farmer is tall, etc TFK cliches.


Lads, going painting the doors, skirting boards and indoor window sills next weekend — i’ve only ever done walls and the likes before - but will skirts and doors require sanding if already painted? All in good nick with no real chips or stains … or would I be good to lash on a coat from the off. No time wasters please.


Give them a bit of a sanding then a rub down with a damp cloth. You’ll fly through it.

You’ll definitely need to sand them if you are putting a water based satinwood onto old gloss.


Yeah, I got the sand paper anyway – No harm to go give the lot a good rub.


How many doors, rooms with skirting boards and window sills do you plan to paint?


I’m only doing bannister, skirting in hall/stairs and 4 doors - plus 4 sills.


Not much then, sand, wash down & mask.


Then he can move onto preparing the stuff he wants to paint


Came home after being out for the day and the lights aren’t working in some downstairs rooms and are in others. There is no ‘switch tripped’ on the board. Does that rule out a simple fuse blown as the issue?

Severe pain in the hole


Could there have been a surge that blew a load of bulbs?


Interesting. Possibly.

Kitchen is one of rooms affected and there is a load of spotlights and none working so they would all need to have popped.

Its as good a theory as I have


Could it be a poltergeist?


Thats the main concern. Im just hoping if it is that he will let me choose which kid to keep


Did you disturb a fairy ring or fort recently?


Is it an old switch board or a new one?