DIY General thread


House is about 10 years old so assume switch board is same


Turn off the switch board completly by the main fuse, then give it 15 seconds obviously making sure the upstairs lights are off, then turn it back on and then turn on each individual light switch downstairs.


That fucking worked :joy::joy::joy:

I actually assumed you were taking the piss. Good hustle!


You’re welcome pal.



CC @The_Selfish_Giant have you brought the pigeons indoors?


The storm is over mate, why would i bring them in now


Give you a chance to clean out the frozen shite from under their perches?


I’d let them have a little fly for that mate


Ah fuck.


@carryharry I’ve managed to do a patch job on the gutter. Should do the trick.


Anyone any experience of changing the grill element on an oven? zanussi. I’m going to do it in about 20 mins. And I don’t want to kill myself or anyone else


Switch the oven off at the mains first.


Ta @Fagan_ODowd.


You asked here before trying youtube?


No. I looked at it on YouTube . There are several different types of one and I’m hoping this is one of them. It’s in the gaff I rent out so I don’t want to fuck it up. I’d imagine there are experts on this lurking here. You’ve just moved to dundalk,surely you can lay your hands on someone who knows how to wire shit up?


You have confused me with the lad who is following his missus around


I’m mortified for both of you here. I literally cringed reading that exchange.


Apologies. I don’t think it’s the first time either. A long named fella from limerick beginning with c. I’m disappointed in myself.


If it was the name of a local councillor you can be sure you wouldn’t mix it up


That poster is actually from Tipp.