DIY General thread


That’s a horrible thing to say about anyone


It’s done lads. I’m a fucking DIY genius is the long and the short of it. A weird star shaped Allen key tried to fucking me up but I bested that by borrowing different keys and the element was fixed in by a cut of a nut buried deep and beside part of the element electrics but a thin pliers sorted me out. My finest moment was drawing a diagram of all the connections before I disconnected them thus saving myself a horrendous pain in the hole and electrocution on rewiring them. I left there with a cut on my hand but glowing with pride. I’m gonna ring Mastercard tomorrow and ask then how much they charge to install it then put put half of it towards a night out for myself when I go back on the booze.
Thanks to @fagan and especially @ciarancareyshurlingarmy who never moved to Louth and was damn right not to.


Is there no camera on your phone?


Cheers pal. Mastercare.


Drawing a diagram. :smile::smile:


Will be a tricky one to explain to the HSA after one of your tenants is electrocuted


House insurance wont be valid either and up for a manslaughter charge. Saved a few quid tho


@Juhniallio You hardly fixed this cooker out in Ballymun by any chance?

Stick with being a ready snacks technician




He can use it to pay off his MasterCard bill


Lads falling over themselves to find excuses not to do a simple bit of DIY*

*It was far from simple. I’m a fucking genius. It’s no wonder they’re seething with handyman envy.


I know. Predictive text.


That ad with Fetchit and DanielO’Donnell is coming to mind here


I predict the florescent tube in the oven will go next. You should have changed it while you were in there.


Ta. I was actually going to tag you after your electrical advice with the hedge clippers!


I’ve a waste pipe that’s leaking. I’ve been told that it can be sealed from the inside.
I’ve been quoted €180 just to get a camera down there to have a look, but very little further information forthcoming.
Any idea how much it might cost to seal the pipe from the inside?
Specialists need to come down from Dublin to do it.


Don’t nickel and dime your colon pal.


You’re fairly slack with the info yourself here!

4 inch waste?
Upstails or ground floor?
What access inside?

There are flexi bendy inserts available that don’t do the job of the original. They are there to eek a few quid out of those that dont want to admit defeat early and tackle the problem head on. If its your own place and she is of a complaining disposition I’d replace it.


Bite the bullet lad and dig it up and repair it properly.


4 inch waste? Yes.
Upstails or ground floor? Ground floor, runs under the kitchen, utility and downstairs bathroom.
Buried? Yes, very close to gas burner and a endless number of gas and water pipes.
What access inside? Zero, other than through the toilet and a man-hole outside.