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You’re as well to rip it out so.

I presume it’s leaking wet, not just a gassy smell back into the bathroom at the seal between the collar and the jacks? Cos you can reseal that easy…


Easy say, we’d need to basically rip up half of the concrete floors and piping downstairs. Then get it all replaced. I Don’t fancy that.


Will the house insurance not cover it?


Probably, but nobody wants to know about it as it’s to messy for a lived in house. The builders just shake their heads. Not interested.


It’s complex enough, which is why I want to get a camera down there. All problems are under the concrete. Not a problem most of the time, but then…


No guarantee that its a. A single leak
B. That they’ll find it if it is
C. That they will be able to permanently seal it.
Tempting, because if they can, that’d be so much easier.
How much for them to have a go?
What material is the pipe?


It’s not going to be pretty either way… sounds like the jacks has to come away at a minimum inside for access… start with the camera at the man hole and go from there I suppose.

You could source one of them usb webcam jobbies with a long enough cable and get it in somehow. Sacrificial of course. Keep an eye out for the inspection cameras in lidl or aldi. About 70 euro… has paid for itself over and over. .


Sorry to hijack fat chops, or anyone else, but how much roughly to build a 250sq metre house these days to a high energy efficiency and decent build.?


Will you milk this gag as long as the "moving to Limerick"one?


No. Genuine question, but feel free to fro.


you wouldnt see much change out of €350k including VAT.


250 x 1500 = 375000

That’s for a decent spec


Builders finish or complete?


Materials have gone up a lot since 2015.


That’s always a bit of a grey area. That would be unfurnished inside but tarmac and landscape would be done (in that particular case)


I’m serious here, you’d be better off moving house.


I have a bkocklayer, a chippy, a plumber and a sparky all good pals. I’ll ask them to come up with a figure.


Still the only way to go if you want your own stamp on a place.

What’s on the market in some places is desparately expensive for Property that needs updating or just personalizing, it won’t be too far off New Build Cost.


Worth asking lads in the know alright. Unless you are around to keep an eye on things you’d be as well to get a builder altogether or at least some form of a project manager.