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Have you plans drawn up?


No, nothing yet, was hoping not to need it, but that’s how it went.
I have a few acres and am starting a kind of farming business there with my best pal, so I’d hope to get planning.


Thats like asking how much a 1.8l car would set you back. Budget between 100 - 125 a square ft.
You can keep the cost down in one simple way. When mrs Flatty asks can she have X, Y and Z tell her to fuck right off.


She can fuck right off anyway. This will be my baby.*


We both know that when the chips come down we would give in. If only we were as though in real life as we are in our e-lives


I do try to stay fairly truthful, just with worse language.


be hard to get quotes of our subby mates though with nothing for them to price. get some plans drawn up, or search generic planning sites like this one and pick one out that somewhat resembles your dream house and use that as a starting point if you dont want to get an architect on board this early. As @Esso_Oil says, you may as well be asking how much is a car, each house has its own particular costs and designs that make them different even if they had the same floor area. A big portion of your cost will be for Electrical and Plumbing, so start thinking about your heat source for the house and what you want to use. Air to water heat pumps are by far the most popular method these days on new one off builds.


Thanks @mac.
They would mostly have built their own houses anyway so I’ll speak to them when I’m home.


200,000 should cover it as a self build…


Thanks. That’s sort of what I was hoping, but figures vary a lot. Like a car, I k ow.


all depends then on finish spec…200 should cover it esp if you have mates in the trades…have a word with them anyway


Well boys…

Looking for some tarmac/concrete experts or just lads who think they’re experts on the matter here…

Close to sealing a deal on a house, it’ll be the family home we’ve always dreamed of etc etc

Anyway… There is a concrete yard already done at the back of the house but the driveway/side of the house/front of the house is just gravel at present and with small kids etc it’d be nice to get it tidied up and done.

I’m open to either concrete or dyed concrete or tarmac. I have estimated the surface area to be done at around 750 metres squared with a depth of approx 12 to 14 cm. Am I correct in saying 10 cubic metres should do the job?

Basically, what is the average price for concrete per cubic metre around Limerick /Munster area?? Same for tarmac for same area though i know you wouldn’t be putting down the same thickness


I was told recently it’s around €80 per meter for the concrete.


I’ve a load of shelves up just past the 24hr Mark and they haven’t budged.



750m2 at depth of 150mm would be a lot more than 10m3. A fuck lot more. 112m3, which is about 14 loads of concrete. is it 75m2 you mean? about 10 would do it alright, but would probably cost you for 2 loads of concrete because of a half load. @TreatyStones is right with the €80/m3 for concrete, but that would be ex vat for 35N concrete which is what you would need for roadway in. So about a grand for the concrete plus labour and what ever shuttering or kerbs you will need.

Tarmac for 75m2 will cost you about 2k all in I reckon as you’ll need to kerb up sides as well to complete a proper job for tarmac.

also, you may need drainage channels or gulleys to go in as well depending on slope of the driveway or what is around it.


Hayor boss, will you just go down and tar the fucking driveway for him?


He’ll surely take a few gates off me too?


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