DIY General thread


A lot of smart cunts on here today isn’t there… :smile:

@Gman sound man you are. No its approx 750 squared metres in total to do driveway in and the side and front of the house, or perhaps slightly less. I’m only estimating the depth, I’d be say 120mm might be a closer estimate. Footpaths and kerbing already down, and provision has been made for gulleys for drainage

80 quid per cubic metre and 110 odd metres to do makes it a fair whack of cash. Bollox it the gravel will have to do!


I need to re-do a driveway and get a concrete yard re-laid. I’m thinking they both might need to just be gravel for the moment as well


You’d get Astro laid for less, wouldn’t work for the drive obviously :sweat_smile:


Gravel will have to do you. If you have that much area and need it for driving on, you’ll need to dig up what’s there and lay a decent hardcore base first and I doubt 120mm depth would work long term if you are driving on it, I’d be going 150. That’s a fair amount of concrete alright!


I just cant believe that a supposed guard is on here asking lads about concrete.


You could pave it in stages…do a bit each year for a few years and pay for it as you go


If its just domestic purposes it doesn’t need to be 150mm 35n concrete. That’s a structural slab. 75mm if you are just running cars on it. Prob get away with 60mm tar


Only a cowboy would put down 75mm of concrete for driving on


:smirk: sure better spend the 20k in case you need to land a plane on it


I rather spend the few extra Bob than have some cheapskate call me up a month later asking why the driveway is cracked


Apologies, I was missing the day we did concrete in Templemore, you ape






Concrete would be a better job but you’ll need a professional job done or it will crack either way, need expansion joints, proper sloping to soak pits, good foundation, etc. Either way you’ll need help to get that in.

Tarmac is handier, which is why you get the cowboys doing it.

Tarmac in fairness is easier keep clean, concrete is a disaster.


Concrete tarmac is the way to go.


I’ll handle this one mate, for the benefit of the innocence craturs here.

What your typical Irish guard does when building a house or sorting out the driveway, is to find out what builders in the jurisdiction like to have a pint or two in the evening and drive home. Once the ‘prey’ has been identified, our boys in blue nab him and convince him to do the job for free.


Whatever you put down make sure you don’t skimp on the base. If you haven’t the depth put under it, and you can bank this, it will fail.

No base, no face.


Yes this happens all the time. They even pay for the ready mix. Great idea, I’ll get onto that now and catch some poor oul cunt up and swindle him out of it, nice one Amby.


I’d hate to see you miss out, pal.


The house we bought a couple of years back was owned by a now deceased Garda Sergeant. He built the whole house for free using these tactics back in the 70s. Or if he couldn’t catch them doing something he was using some other kind of leverage. The amount of shortcuts some of them took was pricesless. One part of it was built on no foundations. Cowboys.