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It was an open goal to be fair.


I love the way @The_Selfish_Giant plays the two Wexford lads like a violin. Both attacking each other and also simultaneously joining forces to attempt to land a blow on @The_Selfish_Giant.


What about an ellipse?
You might save a bit in the corners.


Is that an attempt at being smart or what??


Check my posts. I don’t do smart, funny maybe but not smart.

I’ve seen it in a few detached houses (I assume your detached), looks a hell of a lot better than a big square patch. Easy draw an ellipse with a rope. Do a quick google.

You’ll be lord of the manor with an ellipse. Joe soap with a big rectangle. And as I said, it saves you in the corners. Obligatory photo when finished.


I genuinely have never heard or seen that. Thanks for the informative post, your a top man :+1: I’m off to Google it now


My strimmer wouldn’t work last weekend when I took it out of the shed after the winter. After a bit of poking around I diagnosed it as a broken fuel line. I purchase a new length of fuel line and this evening I replaced the old one. Strimmer working good as new :clap:


Iv a very similar problem. Mine is starting though but when i put it into ’ drive’ its cutting out. V annoying


Was there petrol left in it over the winter? If so drain it and put in fresh fuel.

I wouldn’t have a clue though ask one of the farmers I’d say


Turn off the choke


Yes there was. Il chance that


This also.


How do you mean turn it off. They are supposed to start with choke closed correct and then run with choke open?

Mine starts fine with choke closed but when i open choke to run it just cuts out

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Early Risers Club

Now you’re taking the piss


Good grief






Deary me


You’re medal is in the post.

And we go on about the snowflakes looking for a slap on the back :see_no_evil: