DIY General thread


I painted practically the entire house in recent weeks, one of the kids was doing Jackson Pollack style work yesterday


Gents - No water coming from the hotwater tap … seems to have coincided with a power outage a few days ago. A potential airlock? — it comes out in splutters for a few seconds when I turn the tap on.


Is it a two tap system or a do both come out of a central tap?


Central tap…


Throw on the hot tap full blast, when the sputters stop stick your finger over the tap in as tight a seal as possible and turn on the cold water. Hold it for a few minutes and this should send the cold water down the hot water pipe and clear it out. After that remove your finger and stick it up your hole.


I’m reading that and equally thinking - That makes sense / this cunt is mugging me off.


I fixed a tap like this recently and I felt like a real man afterwards (if only briefly).


Option 2


Robert wouldn’t pay his water charges so he’s not allowed to click that link. Anyway it says exactly the same as I said, except Irish water forgot to tell him to stick his thumb up his hole


Very clumsy of them. You may email them to point that out


A grand day for it as my hole is extremely moist right now due to the effects of the weather


How’re the men… lads, what would be the going rate for a painter per hour roughly?


Parents had a fella paint the house recently and was €125 a day which seems very cheap. He did a good job too.


Right. I presume per day is around 8 hours work? I’ve a polish lad who wants to work from fuckin sun up to sun down, he’s roughly working out at 22 quid an hour


They’re all the same (the squareheads) dawn to dusk merchants but 22 lids an hour is thievery. It’s not fucking rocket science and a middlin’ lad is well reimbursed with the flat 100 for a decent shift.
Just tell him that’s the score and he’ll come to his milk ready enough.


He will in his bollix, these fellas are up the walls




€125 a day - not paying tax.
€22 an hour - paying tax.


Thats extremely cheap.


Was that Henry the Polack? He’s a great man to paint a house.