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You’d have lads here who’d hardly boil a kettle for someone for less than a hundred quid


Your auld wans got mugged off there,€100 Is loads for a painter


He tells me for the size of the job he’ll have a second fella with him and do the whole shooting gallery in the one day, 10 or 11 hours work, for 220. Big enough area to cover in fairness


100 euro for a days work? Painting is a crappy job, that is cat.


Painting is done by useless cunts who weren’t able to cut it at anything else.


Painting is often done by lads who work hard and didn’t have their mammies and daddies spending a huge wedge in sending them off to college.


You can say what you want but it’s a physically demanding job and deserves a daycent wage, 100 a day is an insult for anybody who’d do it right.


Exactly. Some of the cunts here would sleep on the floor if there was (manual) work in the bed


Painting =Physically demanding :rofl:.Jesus Christ I’ve heard it all now.


Actually that makes them sound like sex workers


Fair enough to me, pay the man. It’s still 100 a man for the day and rightly priced.
All fine and dandy for those who are prepared to shell out more.


Anyone who would pay a painter by the hour is a mug.Drinkin tae and talking shite all day.


The black market is not cool folks.


Not to mind the Bovril and ham Sanger @11 - a bit of a grill around 1.30 and apple tart and coffee @ 4sh.
A middlin’ bucko might squeeze in a ride before quitting time if he got lucky…


Youd find plenty to do it for a hundred a day. And they will be back again next year to re do it


Lads wanting fellas to get paid less than €25k a year to do hard honest work and the same lads giving out about people who won’t get off the dole.

You literally couldn’t make it up.


Running a roller is grand, cutting in and skirting boards etc, that’s a cunt of a job. I’d pay any man practically any amount rather than paint say, a small room like an en suite.


Cutting in is fine.

Painting a door is some pain however


Do you ensure all the escorts you use are tax compliant?


Pay the polish lad for a few hours work to do all the niggly bits then do the big plain walls yourself