DIY General thread


i have no reason to believe they wouldnt be, do you?


How much to replace sanitary ware and showers in two bathrooms plus retile them. Not moving location of the jacks or taps etc.

How many baseball stadiums in America ie a ball park answer is all i need.


Won’t cost a ball park anyway mate.


About 6


A handy lad will do that for ya for 300 max with you supplying


That’d be decent going! Remove 2 rooms of sanitary ware, refit the ware and retile both rooms for 300 quid!


The tiling alone would be at least 800 and that’s for smallish bathrooms


Can you give me his number there?


When can you start pal


Sorry lads…thought it was for 1…600 notes…


I tiled and replaced sink and all the bits and pieces and cut and re hung the door for a lad a few weeks ago.i was a day doing it all be it a long day…he paid cash.itjought 300 was more than fair and he gave me 400…


Even a tiny bathroom would see you fitting 30 square yards on tiles, pain in the hole of a job as well, I’ve done a few. You wouldn’t get anybody bar a cowboy to charge less than 12 euro a yard, and that’s assuming there’s no plywood or anything extra.


In fairness tiling is a piece off piss in a small area l8ke that.worked out handy too,not much a chippy by trade and wouldn’t normally touch tiles…but there isn’t a lot too them.


€80 is plenty for a painter for a day


Would you do it for 80 a day…


Small Bathrooms are a curse to tile, I can’t understand what you mean about no cutting in, you’ve much more in your way than any other tiling job, I did a bit of tiling years ago and still get the call the odd time for in laws etc


Not a hope. You’d get an Albanian to do it on the mainland for 35 a day and he be delighted with it


Did a bit of tiling myself years ago. Nothing to it really.


It’s just the way the tiles worked out to the floor size. Sometimes you can be lucky.main cuts were around the shower…I hate tiling with a passion tbh…


They were probably using lead paints. Keep an eye on the folks for a few weeks.