DIY General thread


Piece of piss after a bit of practice if you’re handy but I’d say it’s the job most expensively fucked up by have a go lads.


As Winston Churchill said: I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, sweat and tears.


That’s it in a nutshell really


Great lads to stick a few chape auld ceramic tiles onto the jacks wall in the ensuite but I’d love to see some of these diy knowitalls face into a few boxs of rectified porcelein.


Odd thing to say, porcelain (rectified or not) piece of piss, you’d need the loan of a wet saw but they’re a dream to work with, strange comment from somebody who should know


I honestly don’t believe you are capable of tiling a wall without making an abortion of it.


Sure he has loads of time to be tipping around the house.


Fair enough, I worked at it for a while then I was younger
Your point about rectified porcelain is pure nonsense, it makes no sense, as if you just felt the need to say something that sounded like you knew what you were talking about


There is a much higher level of accuracy required for rectified porcelain tiles. The tolerance is practically zero. That is why a tiler charges much more for laying them.
Ium suprised a handyman as usefil as yourself didnt know this.


I remember when he went thru that phase of posting pics of his house.
The workmanship was generally appalling, his place has all the hallmarks of diy


Bullshit, they’re great to work with, square edges and perfectly uniform,
They charge more because they’re a pain (slow) to cut, but no harder than any tile to fit, sure you can’t go wrong with them and a bag of 2mm spacers


You’ve never laid rhem


A row about laying porcelain tiles now. How the fuck could you sum up TFK ?


We need to pull up the liars. I’ll do my bit.


I wonder could we organise a live tiling challenge?


This is an epoxy thread


Im not great around the house but I dont mind tiling. Did a bit of work on the jacks a few weeks back. Turned out ok


Just finished the kids playroom there at the weekend



You missed a bit


There was a time you’d post a screenshot showing your full phone screen. Look how far you’ve come now. The other eejit didn’t even change the image name to remove screenshot from it. Shoddy internetting from him