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Yeah. Coz if Id done that it would have codded a few lads into thinking I was a mastercrafstman


No fear of that happening I’d say


Id hardly change a bulb kid


There are days I remember I came on here (apart from rugby videos)


Sure that’s awful uneven


Sure you had lads believing for years that you banged a bird in a safe. Lads on here will believe anything


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Well I had to fucking pay for it somehow


Anybody ever use the website to get quotes for jobs and then actually go ahead and employ someone to do work out of the leads gained from there? I need to get a real man to do some painting and decorating but I’m wary of wasters offering shoddy workmanship at inflated prices. Any positive or negative tales from this website? I certainly don’t want to do the work myself.




But yes. Reputable tradesmen do use the site. Id a plumber out recently and he showed me the volume of messages he was getting from the site i think it automatically send your jobs to all local guys


Perhaps try the notice board in your local shop. A local guy won’t want to be bad mouthed locally.


Used it a few years ago. Lads called out and priced jobs - handyman type stuff. Selected one guy and he was grand. One of them was clearly a spoofer but it was just after the recession so he was just trying to keep wolf from the door, the cratur. A bearded intellectual type who probably lost his job in a financial institution and admitted most of what I needed doing was beyond him.

I had an experience with a one armed plumber before so I’d be wary of using somebody not recommended for plumbing. Water can cause a shit lot of damage.


Thanks lads. I put up an ad the other day and got 4 responses from interested parties. I think that’s the way the site works - you get a max of 4 responses depending on interest/availability of tradesmen. Otherwise it’d be shit for the tradesmen as people would have too many replies and it could lead to dilly dallying. It’d take too much time and hassle for them to secure jobs.

It’s like tradesmen Tinder at the moment and the textual flirting is taking place now. I’m nervously arranging to meet 3 of them in person so they can see the place to enable them to provide a formal quote.

I’m not pursuing one lad who’s left me 3 separate voicemails, each time not recognizing he had proceeded straight into my voicemail, starting a one sided conversation before pausing after 15-20 seconds, shouting “hello, hello, hello…can you hear me?” and then abruptly hanging up.

It’s just a bit of painting and decorating so no water worries.


Is there a system to rate the tradesman no? Like ebay or mytaxi


There’s written reviews where people give a mark out of 10 which I’m skimming down through. It doesn’t seem to give an average rating though, more a case of scrolling through to see if there’s anything of note and/or amusing.

There’s a facility for tradesmen to reply. I see one of my boyos got a 1/10 lately and he replied calling the reviewer a chancer and saying he warned him that it was stupid to use paint from opened cans that had been left in a shed for years. But the home owner insisted that he use the paint despite these warnings that it wouldn’t look great and so on.


I tried it unsuccessfully a while back looking for a Plumber but got no replies. I was since warned off it by lads in the know who said the only lads who use the site in boom times like this are cowboys who can’t get work elsewhere. Also, it is apparently notorious for fake positive ratings as there is zero verification. If you have no luck with it mate, you could try around the numerous sites in our leafy part of the world and get a few numbers there. Plenty of lads working there who would be on for nixers for a few hours in the evening for cash money. This option would require you to interact with tradespeople face to face so I doubt this will appeal to you.


What sites in our part of the world?

I’ve already said I’m happy to meet these folk give them a look at the place and an opportunity to quote.

Your scaremongering has made me nervous now.