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Ah @Horsebox. Sites as in physical building sites. I had websites in mind and didn’t know what you were on about. Yeah, sure I’ll wander into Bolands Mills later on and ask around. :angry:


This lad has a YouTube channel
He would not be the only handy hand services with a camera in your apartment block


I don’t want to display any weakness here. I’m going to wear some Celtic paraphernalia for the face to face pre quote meetings. This will be my GGA gear bag in the back of the car moment. An honest to goodness painter and decorator surely wouldn’t rip off someone displaying Celtic garb.


Have a look at for the vans outside with the names and numbers on them, you silly billy. That’s how I got the Plumber in the end, from the townhouse development across from Lotts & Co.


You’re some man. Innovative thinking. You don’t see problems. You find solutions.


That is correct. It’s actually very difficult to get decent tradesmen for small jobs at the moment so I had to think outside the box and it really paid off for me.


I saw @chocolatemice ma’s Van today if you need any jobs doing


I’m sure even you will agree that they are generally the thickest cunts you’d ever meet (no offence like) so if I was in the market to rip off some gobdaw a Celtic jersey would be just what I’d want to see


That’s how I got the fitter to fix my door. sure if you were looking lads up on the internet you wouldn’t know who you’d be getting.


Spoken like a fella who’s experience of looking up lads on the internet


Actually lads what would be a reasonable price to paint the interior of a humble home? I’m talking walls, ceilings, skirting boards only. Not looking for window sills, cabinets / presses, doors, stairs etc to be painted but will get them to give itemised quote for extras. @Rocko said nearly €3k which i baulked at - I thought it would be less than €1k. We don’t want to be ripped off just because we’re extremely wealthy.


Depends on size of house. 3k not off the wall. Lot more expensive than the outisde as its fiddly. Youd be as well do the whole lot if you’re doing it. It will look shit by comparison


€3K would be about right. I got a 2 Bed apartment painted, that was walls, doors, and window sills and it was €1K and I provided the paint.


Preparation is everything in painting. Most painters just want to come in and throw up paint. They paint over whatever is put in front of them.

If you can do the preparation yourself. Wash walls and fill any small holes. Then you’ll get a good job done. Problem for me is clearing out the room for preparation. Realistically we can only get one room done at a time.


He can do fuck all, in fairness


He could shove his thumb up his hole.


@Bandage never filled a hole in his life.


@Bandage there’s a new thread in this. “Guess how much it’ll cost to paint my house”



You definitely want it to stay on the wall @Bandage. Make sure you tell them that


This is the chump who was paying €90 to cleaners when the going rate was 50