DIY General thread


Get that wipeable paint if you have a child. Kids wreck the fucking place.

Farrow and Ball are great for paint.

Also don’t mind the lads, the price they pay a barber to cut their hair would lead you to believe they don’t give a fuck about appearances.


Stop talking about me when I’m here on the thread.



Pure marketing guff to pay 3 times the price for a particular shade of grey.


Are you surprised given who said it?! I bet his missus has the ol fever tree tonic water in her overpriced gin as well :wink:


Little Greene ( is the manufacturer of choice now for those who think they are getting a better product. Pay up to 50% more for paint that can be got in the same mix by standard trade paint suppliers.


But can he really put a price on his wife being able to tell the other women at Oisin’s hurling match that she painted the hallway with Pigs Fart Yellow from Farrow and Ball?


Elephants breath really was the peak of Farrow and Ball bullshit.

elephants fucking breath. how the fuck did they ever think that was a colour.


Us muldoons are fascinated at the extent to which the soft townies will buy bullshit (or elephant shit in this case).

I never heard of Farrow and Ball. I do all my the painting in my house.


Ssshhhh. How does @bandage expect to learn ?


@Bandage is offering €3k to anyone willing to paint the four walls of his one bed studio apartment if you want to a make a few quid mate.



I knew that would get a sausages in a pan reaction.


Is he looking to go down the Cash or Vat route?




What color is the wind? You unimaginative cunt


Cash, he’s sleeping in the Garda station while the painting is being done.


Is it yellow, red or blue?


It feels blue to me, pal.


They probably pay someone to knock up their ‘life partners’


You’re a townie pretending to be a Muldoon. It’s kind of pathetic


This is what we’re dealing with, my dear TFK comrades, in arranging for chaps to call over to view the property. Someone who doesn’t know what day of the week it is. Naturally I’ve used a computer programme to change the names of the parties involved.