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Who’s Brian? Is Brian the Workman?


Ask for Lead free paint.


If Brian had work in the bed etc etc


An unprompted correction. Unbelievable scenes.


Bit late to the party here but have some dodgy cunts on their books. A colleague of mine felt she had to pay some ‘good bye :wave:’ money to 2 fellas who were meant to repair a sewerage treatment system but stood around it for a few hours looking at it and did nothing.

They wanted 500 euro :euro: :joy::joy::joy:

In the end she had to throw them 50 each to fuck off. Rough looking lads she said.


Thinly veiled rural racism there.


Sounds like knackers to me.


You’re scaring me now. Thank goodness I’m meeting them in daylight.



Got the maximum 4 expressions of interest in the job.

Ignored one chap who left me three voicemails, each time initially thinking he was talking to me before hanging up after 15-20 seconds.

Met the the three other fellas to show them around and subsequently received quotes for €3,450, €2,000 and €800. :laughing:


The lad who quoted 800 is definitely just after quoting so he could scope the place out for a subsequent robbery.


The Goldilocks effect should lead you to 2k man.


Bit late here — but would you not paint it yourself? A couple of weekends and you’d be sorted - tv/ radio on in the background - 2/3 beers … you can engage in some serious life reflection also… Most importantly your son sees you as a man from a very early age - this is important for the sexual development of your kid, particularly in the age we live in. You run the risk of raising a gender fluid child if you dont paint the house yourself.


No, it’s a job for a man.


I want you to remember this exact conversation in about 20 years when junior stumbles home drunk and you can hear him clumsily fooling around with his ‘freind’ Jack on the couch down stairs.


The intellectual environment @Bandage raises his child in will hopefully not see it misspell sex robot as freind


You would have been better served saying nothing at all there.



I before the E except after C


Thanks pal … certain people should take note of how you offer positive criticism.


@Bandage hasn’t painted anything since childhood, where getting creative with his mother’s nail polish resulted in relentless playground bullying.