DIY General thread


Who’d take the lid off of the tin for him ?
That’s a mans job and he’d fail at the first hurdle.


True, but he could paint it beige at his leisure, or get the neighbour to do it, but that would be weird


I have no doubt you are The Archbishop of Banterbury in the school staff room with that level of clever word play.


That’s what TFK has done to me, you can’t be saying things like I before E on here


Classic Brian


Says the drip that pulled up a typo.


Rent free.


When did @glasagusban get into the handyman game ?


Funnily enough I’m just in the door from the building supplies shop


What did you pick up?


A few rawlplugs and screws and a level. I’ve to refix a curtain rail, hang a few pictures and then I’m going to sweep up some leaves. Real high end DIY stuff.




There’s nothing to it really, you just look up a few YouTube videos and they’ll tell you what to do.


Can be a tricky enough job at the best of times. You could be faced with drilling into a reinforced concrete lentil or a shitty plaster board with insulation inside it. Both can be disasters for obvious reasons.

I see a lot of people sticking up wooden battens with “No More Nails” these days. Then screwing into that.


New pad with no saorview aerial lads (previous owner was getting his Oirish TV through sky, the mug). Talk to me lads, I think you can install one in the attic without the need to go on the roof?


Depends on your area. What is the signal like in neighbouring houses? Where are their aerials mounted? If you mount it in the attic are you looking through tiles or concrete walls to the local transmitter? Buy the correct aerial for your local transmitter.

Can you use the existing dish and cables for freesat?


No, need a satellite outside, and run two coax cables in, only need one but put in two while you’re at it. Check the neighbors house to see what side the dish is on and direction it’s pointed.

Put that directly into the TV or a powered splitter in the attic to break out multiple ones for different TVs.


What are you on about?


You’re right, I’m thinking of free to air BBC etc. Carry on.


I’m using the existing sky dish and box for free to air channels at present. Should be sorted with fibre broadband connection next week so the android box will come into play then for iptv etc.

No Irish channels at present though.

Is there an attachment available now that goes on to the sky dish to pick up the saorview channels? Thought I saw that somewhere