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I see one neighbour has a saorview aerial on the chimney and the other neighbour only has a sky dish, maybe he has a saorview aerial in the attic. I know someone close by with one in the attic. I may not have the height for the attic though, he is on higher ground.

The aerial would be dealing with tiles I’d say


He’s talking about saorsat. It could be done but it’s a pain in the hole to setup as saorsat and freesat use different systems and are pointing at different satellites.

Aerial is best but you’ll be lucky if you can mount it on the same pole as the sat dish, depending where your local transmitter is.


You need to get your terms right. Unlikely any dish would work in an attic. Dish, aerial saorview, saorsat, make sure you know what they all are.


Just checked there, our local saorview transmitter is pointing in opposite direction to the sky dish, so that’s out. Different sides of the house!

If I install an attic one myself will the existing cabling take the saorview or will I have to drop new cable for a new saorview aerial port?


Apologies, sky dish and saorview aerial. I’m looking at a saorview aerial for the attic


Cable should do if it’s any way newish at all. Don’t use that old brown stuff.

Remember your cabling requirements are determined by your receiver. Basically how many tuners it has. You’ll have to decide yourself what you need now and what you’ll need in the future.

Just remember buy your aerial locally. An old one from a different area may not work in your area. Also note No TV3 (Virgin) channels on saorsat at present. and not likely in the future either.


I’ll be going with saorview aerial and not Saorsat. Thanks for the help :+1:


We went for the €2k quote (cc @TheUlteriorMotive) even though the €3.45k chap seemed like a slicker operator who did a lot of commercial work, painting new developments etc.

Anyway, I’d give him a 7/10. I was reasonably happy with the job but there was a few sloppy and snaggy bits which he was meant to fix yesterday.

I had to google “inspecting the painting of the inside of a house” before going over to review the work and printed off a sheet from some Canadian blogger lass’ website so I’d know what to look for and be able to sound authorative and knowledgeable.

A couple of drips, a couple of finger prints on a varnished door, that kind of thing. I gave him most of the money but withheld a bit pending fixing those bits.



The mane monaghan woman is having an effect on you


Painter will never again be seen


@Bandage woman is probably up the duff again now


It seems she also has mates/family pretending to be painters to extort money from him as well.


If your going into insulated plasterboard,you will need these…


Sticking up the curtain pole is a deceptively difficult piece of DIY. Myself and the Chuck went out putting one up one day in Clontarf. We had the hammer action drill but we were missing a few rail plugs. We went to Nolans to buy them and seeing as we were that far we said we might as well go into the Sheds for one.

Eventually we got back to the house after nightfall and after punching three large holes in the plasterboard we gave it up as a bad job.

Good times.


A wheely nice finish


We’ve all done it Fagan. I have “memories” of a similar scenario involving the laying of a laminate floor. I was merely passing the day with the expert - the Bean an Tî finally had to issue 2 red cards. Good oul’ days and nobody killed…