Do men have a form of PMS?

I’m in a fucking foul humour today and I honestly don’t know why. Nothing is really going wrong for me which would usually put me in a bad mood.

I just seem to be snapping at people for no reason today. I just feel like telling people to fuck themselves for no reason and I would also like to throw a nice big steel keg through a glass window. I’m also craving chocolate and have drank my weight in Orange Juice today.

The weird thing is, I go through this weird state of mind a good few times during the year. It usually completely stops when I fuck a glass or a cup filled with coins at a wall, once the mess is cleaned (by me) I feel great again.

Even weirder one of my girl mates was telling me of her “woman problems” last night. My anger could not be related to hers could it!! I’m a very weird person!

Is your mate a leso or is she hankering for a herbie hide? Pass her onto me (if she’s half decent)

How do you make out that she wants a bit of the aul in out in out?

Maybe she isn’t but I am :grin:

I am quite a moody person. I can be in terrible form and then great form, people can be alright for a while and then idiots again, Fowler can be better than Larsson and then Larsson better than Fowler.

I don’t crave chocolate or orange juice though. That is weird you freak.

Was the Fowler Larsson thing necessary :grin:

Yer womans problem is she just wants a herbie hide.

Bens problem is he wants to have a smoke but refuses

Could be a factor yep, but I did get moody when I was on the smokes aswell.

I just have a general level of hate and anger. All it takes is for something the bring it out. So listen when does yer one want a lashing?

I don’t think PMS time is the time for a lashing, she might end up putting some salt on you and eating you in one bite!

I’d rohypnol the cow(jaysus Im starting to sound like ball ox best I calm down)

Yeah you’d better calm down, it’s one of my mates your talking about. Wanna rohypnol an Ivory bird??

Here you better calm down thats one of my mates your talking about

Which one !!