Do You Brush Your Teeth In Work?

I have read literature that states it’s advisable to brush your teeth after every meal; therefore, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with brushing your teeth after lunch in the bathroom in work.

But it strikes me as being terribly gay. I have no shame when I admit that I only brush my teeth twice per day - in the morning and then before going to bed. I generally make do with a tic tac or some minty fresh chewing gum during the day.

I actually find it uncomfortable when I’m taking a piss at the urinal in work and some funboy comes in and starts brushing his teeth at the sink behind me.

Also, if I’m taking a post lunch dump then I’ll make sure not to burst out of the trap if I can hear someone brushing their teeth at the sink. I’ll wait for the relative calm after their departure as I’m freaked out by these cunts brushing their teeth.

Who brushes their teeth in work? It is very important that you answer this honestly.

When I was working I did every day. How else to remove the remnants of lunch from your teeth?

Fuckers shaving in the gym pisses me off too. I mean have they no mirror at home or what’s the story?

I would have no real problem with someone doing this, would much rather they brush their teeth at work rather than walking round with a mouth of dirty yella teeth, or a pong off their breathe…

Normally brush three times a day myself(twice at the minimum)

You can get a good half an hour early afternoon just rolling your tongue around your mouth trying to flick/scoop bits of food from your teeth. Else, just use your fingers or the lid of a biro or something.

We have a small gym at work. I agree with you SS** so that extends in my case to lads shaving at work which happens more than I’m comfortable with.

I just don’t like these shavers or teeth brushers standing behind me. I always sense that they’re checking out my ass in the mirror when I’m pissing and, quite frankly, I don’t blame them.

Some fook was brushing his teeth today as i was washing my hands. Naturally i ignored him but then he starts talking to me about the match mid stroke and there’s fooking toothpaste flying out of his mouth as he shites on incomprehensibly and i start backing towards the door.

Who was mid-stroke? You or him?

Oral hygiene is important, the Irish are renowned for bad teeth. Shaving in the gym in disgusting though

rinse your mouth after kk cat has been there do ya ?

Ding Ding…


shaving in the gym is fine, its no more wrong than showering or shitting in the gym.
perfectly fine.

[quote=“HBV*”]shaving in the gym is fine, its no more wrong than showering or shitting in the gym.
perfectly fine.[/quote]


Shitting in the gym!!!

Shitting in the gym!!![/quote]

absolutely, no need for you to be shitting out in the back garden wtb, there are plenty other options.

You filthy animal. I wouldn’t like to be using the rowing machine after you.

its the jacuzi you should be worried about

Brushing teeth in the work bathroom is definitely a bit wierd. Would agree with most of what Bandage said. I haven’t been to a dentist since 2001, I brush twice a day, and never get bad toothaches. Fucked if I am going to stand there in the jacks in work brushing my teeth every day.

There’s a lad here in work that does it. At the same time every day (14:10). I’m sometimes in for my daily plop when the fucker starts. And he takes ages! He must really focus on every tooth. I timed him once, nearly 4 minutes he took! You might not think that’s long but try brushing for 4 mins and you’ll see. Puts me right off my Texas hold’em game that I have on my mobile.

you go to the Gym?