Do you prefer the new site or the old site?

Just testing to see how polls work in this place.

There doesn’t seem to be an option to set a closing date on polls?

C’maaannn the jazzy new site! I’m best placed to verify it’s greatness having been using it on my own for the last few hours since Lazurus fell off his couch and lost consciousness :smiley:

I’m after taking a good look around to place and have to admit this is on a different level entirely to the old site. It does now look like a bona fide sports website, rather than simply a nice setting for a never ending series of arguments. What’s missing at the moment of course is content to pad it out. Whether that’s to be provided by news stories or member contributions Rocko can tell us.

Great Stuff Rock, but expect two unwelcome outcomes:

  1. endless “how do I …” threads; and
  2. a Tip’ami of new reg’s when the PV crew abandon ship for new shores

As an aside: LOVE the highlights, and expect to see Flano and his cuddly toys to be included.

looking forward to TFF: The Fantasy Footballers

And another thing Rock

You should have asked before using that shot of meself and Frilly on the Rant & Rave header.

My agent will be in touch

Hmm… I’ll look into that, think you can close the whole thread which closes voting but that’s not really what we want.

In a few weeks it should be setup so that members can log into the front end and write articles. They’ll need to be approved first (mainly due to formatting because the look needs to be consistent) but it’s two different pieces of software so need to try and bridge the member databases first.

Thanks MGG.

Huge effort no doubt.

Not sure it was necessary though, I kind of liked the old ball of shit. The Board Room is the only thing used really. Maybe it could be highlighted more on the front page.

I think Rockos plans to become a Sports Media Mogul involve drawing as little attention as possible to the forum

There is something in the water anyway. Probably wont rest until he knocks the red man off his fucking perch…

A shrewd decision admittedly. No wonder the Tfk Wiki was destroyed.

At least runt we’ll someday be able to say that we were there in the early days, when giants like Kev and Kib man stalked the board room and imparted pearls of wisdom (free of charge) to the adoring masses, long before Rocko got into bed with the O’Reillys and banished us to the four corners of the internet.

The new site has a professional look about it,Rocko has done well in this respect,i voted for preferring the old site on the poll above mainly because as a rule i think change is bad and should be resisted in all instances,one thing i dont like about this new site is giving voters an option to have thier vote deleted???,what the fuck???,its encouraging indicisive fuckers and flaky sorts to withdraw a decision theyve made earlier in the voting process,this error must be rectified immediately or the tfk polls which have been brilliant in the past will decend into chaos.

Some people creaming themselves over this new site.

To be honest I prefer the old one. Replying to this thread means the whole page is refreshed and thread with new posts are not not as obvious as they were on the old one.

I think there is still a bit of work to be done.

Are the current tallys showing up? Or is it private?

11-4 to the new site.

11 to 4 in favour at present. Tis a fine barn.

As Link said the ‘delete my vote’ thing is ridiculous.

Hmmmmm I’m pretty sure I set the poll to be private.
I definitely didn’t tick the box to make it public anyways, or maybe that box meant public as in to see who voted for what.

The option to vote posts down is pretty cool. Farmer’s comments have seen his post take a fair nosedive in that regard.

Great, we can be like YouTube. It works well there.