Documentaries on the Troubles (video only- No Discussions)

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Great one here on spies and double agents … Stakeknife

1994 Loughinisland Massacre


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This is serious viewing … It was totally out of control by then — The blood thirsty had well and truly taken over -

The Funeral Murders … the two soldiers got some death … I remember as a kid picking up the news paper reading about the death the two soldiers got and it was harrowing …i distinctly remember the paper stating that one soldier’s eye was hanging out of his head from the beating he got… Michael Stone throwing grenades and firing at the crowd and they kept coming for him. Just insane.


Saw the actual autopsy reports and large black and white photos of them on a table etc, pretty gruesome,but must remember 3 republican dead being buried aswell ( gib 3) bad time for all then

The News of the World published photos of the bodies of the two soldiers on the front page the next day.

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@the_man_himself, have you started watching the opening videos posted? Fairly comprehensive…

I didn’t know the staff at Belfast airport refused to handle the bodies of the Gibraltar 3.

Black bastards. The lads in Dublin did it for free.

I’ll never understand how Stone lived. Were the RUC on the scene too quick for the lads to get things sorted or what?

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More or less yeah.The questions are why did the RUC stand off at all, it was highly unusual. But they were in fairly lively when he got to the motorway.

Because his accomplices were a few yards away, in grey land rovers

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Not about the troubled political time of the last 120 years here in Ireland.

This is about Irish people and our connection to nature and our surroundings. A soothing and peaceful documentary which should instill pride and confidence to those who’ll watch it and listen. John O’Donohue was one of our great minds. May he rest in peace.

Would you ever take your soothing and peaceful documentary which should instill pride and confidence to those who’ll watch it and listen, and shove it up your hole?

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What’s the matter with you?

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This is a thread to document, air and refer to the iniquity of the tan, in the years 1969 to 1998. No time for spotty swans and precocious salmon.

You’re only fuelling hatred mate. Take a step outside of that and learn more about what is to be Irish, learn what it is to be living person. Tend to your soul, appreciate the simple things and forget about your anger. Then you can begin to live.

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Fuck off you tan cunt. There was no time to connect to nature and our surroundings as our friends and neighbours died