Does whiskey go off after its been open for a bit?


Apparently so. I don’t remember trying the crested 10 though


85 notes for the old label stuff here. Hardly worth your while.


You are in for a real treat with that 21yo. Delicious stuff. Save it for a special occasion. A real ‘Christmas’ whisky, somehow.


Was thinking that.


Yeah sitting at home on your own, slumped on a couch, full as a tick and forcing down expensive gargle “because it’s Christmas”. What a treat.


Yes, Glendronach is a single malt from Highlands. Most associated with a highly sherried style (quite similar to Glenfarclas) but has its own twist. Good in all guises and excellent in many of them. An underrated distillery, which means decent price levels.


Ah now, don’t be a grouch…


Crested is just rebranded Crested Ten. Exact same liquid. The price hike is just for having the older packaging. At least the price hike for Powers 12 (or for Hewitts) in secondary markets involves a liquid no longer available.


I’ll sip a couple while watching our All Ireland victory. Again.


Interestingly (well, moderately so), Serge Valentin (of lauded and influential whiskyfun site) rates Glendronach one of Scotland’s ten best working distilleries. High praise indeed:


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Very interesting, thanks. But two grand for a new bottle of single pot still is a joke – a lucrative joke, though. The single cask Midleton/Powers/Redbreast releases have been of the 200-350 mark, for the most part. Even the Redbreast Dream Cask was 500 a pop when it came out. But we are smack bang in the middle of a false market… A couple of weeks back, the first bottles of Teeling sps made mad prices. Dingle stuff continues to rocket at auction.

On we go…


My missus was in Tesco today and took home a bottle of crested for 25e and a caskmates for 30e. She is a seriois operator when faced with a deal.
Along with the half bottle of Oirishman I have left and a dropeen of Jameson that’ll do me till the Christmas hopefully unless something goes wrong somewhere


Crested for 25e: thunk!


That powers 3 swallow is 50e in Tesco, was 65 I think


Three Swallows I like. Lighter undemanding style. Definite note – to my poncey self – of honeydew melon nose wise and flavour wise.

50e would hardly be great value for Three Swallows, methinks.


Crested for a night time treat


I’ll pick up a bottle of that tomorrow :clap:


I see there are 192 bottles of this Adare Manor Midleton. The 2017 Midleton VR, one of their best vintages, is about 170e. By all accounts, the Method and Madness Ruby Port SPS would be a much better bet, if you have two grand lying around.


It would be worth you Mexicans taking a trip north to buy your whiskey. Three swallows is 30 quid, vr is 125. And the British exchequer needs a leg up.