Dog the bountyhunter

I was watchin this jokeshop last night…just wondering does anyome know how the whole bail bonds thing works? who contacts the Dog? what does this creature get paid if bail is set at $100,000??..anytime i have watched it he is hunting down harmless junkies and the like who aren’t going to engage him in any form of physical confrontation yet he builds them up to be mean bad ass mofo’s…i’d say the cunt couldn’t fight sleep if somebody did actually put it up to him…

Wasnt that show cancelled over some racist rant he went on?

serious? it was on bravo last night…would like to know how it works…seems like easy money…well the jobs he gets anyway

Agreed on this show being utter rubbish. It’s always lads doing crystal meth as well for some reason.

Seems to suggest its come back alright.

Dog should be bet to death with balls of his own shite. Some scrawny druggie nutter attacked him one night and hit him a few harmless cracks in the puss, he ran away and sent his son in after him the big prick. What a spoofin cunt, I hate him, he deserves nothing but that beast of a peroxide blonde wife that has to wear a corset to keep her udders up off the floor.