Downtime... advance warning

TFK will be experiencing some downtime in the near future.

From 22:00 on Friday 10th February 2012 until 06:30 on Saturday 11th February 2012 we will be off air. For any rants on Tubridy’s awakward interview with a washed-up former Coronation Street “star” or to update the nightwatchman thread you will have to vent your frustrations elsewhere.

All times above are Celtic Park time.

Could someone please throw up a link for Locke’s golf forum so we can all post over there while TFK is down

[quote=“chewy louie, post: 655926”]
Could someone please throw up a link for Locke’s golf forum so we can all post over there while TFK is down
[/quote]This sounds like an ideal opportunity for our away day.

Bandage, how are preparations coming along for that?

MBB, check your PMs.


Oh this is baaaaaddddddd :wave:


What’s this now??? I’d have a lot to contribute to something like this.

Bandage will be in touch. He’s been planning this for years now.

Been planning something myself for a longtime now, something on a national scale, just need the right people involved…
Maybe it’s the same idea

Show us yours Tom, and Bandage will show you his.

This sounds serious. Perhaps you should speak to a more vertically challenge forumite so.

With a plan such as this, I will await correspondence from willing operatives.

You can count on me Thomas…

I’m in.

Right gents, this is an ambitious plan, as I said if pulled off it can be enjoyed by the whole nation, not just the members of TFK, however it would be very satisfying to know the plan was hatched here. It would require the planning of a strategist with the skills of Tipptops, but with his absence I would require a number of trusted liutenents. Perhaps Bandage could come on board at this point and gather this band of merry men before we put this plan out in the open. As I said, if planned properly this has the potential to be EPIC…

Whatever happened to Tommy The Guns?

Couldn’t log in one day so had to drop “The”

The epic potential of your nationwide plan is somewhat diminished by the fact that you lost your log ins after two visits. Buck up your ideas there Tommy or we can’t possibly take you seriously. Though I do look forward in anticipation to this nationa changing scheme you have in the pipeline.

Here’s a tip for you Tommy that stood me well in my INTERNETTING career:

Wexford people are not to be trusted