Dreams by Choco


Jesus I had a savage dream there a few nights, ago, it was so good I can still remember it, a team of crack Nazi commandos were trying to storm the gaff back in Clare, I had booby trapped the three bedroom windows with explosives and was defending the sitting room with a mp40 sub machine gun, my auld lad was roaring from one of the rooms to surrender but I saw them all coming towards me in a group, you won’t believe who leading the attack only Conor McGregor, there was about ten of them in it, anyway I waited until the last second and riddled the bastards, when it all died down I burst out the door, reloaded and riddled them all again to make sure, when who did I spot in the middle of it, only Terry Wogan, shot dead along with the rest of them, unreal dram


That’s good shootin


Had a dream last night.

I was at the Galway Races, I had just won 10k which I cashed out at the bookies. I was walking back with a model and next thing this short middle aged man in one of those convict outfits grabbed my bag of money and ran off with, after he got about 30 yards ahead of me stopped turned round and sniggered at me, it was Bertie Ahern.

I took off and gave chase to him where he ran into a tent, I ran into the tent after him but could see him nowhere in a heavily crowded tent with music blaring out and people partying. I looked over to my left hand side and saw Timmy Dooley snorting coke off a pair of breasts and Michael Martin receiving a lap dance from a male stripper with a half empty bottle of whiskey in his hand. Next thing I was approached by a burly security guard telling me I had no business being here, I told him that Bertie Ahern had stolen my money but he said I was talking nonsense and he would have seen him if he entered the tent in the outfit I described and a bag of money in his hands. I pushed him and told him I’m not going anywhere, the music suddenly stopped and all the FF top brass came over to me .

Next thing I could hear gunshots, Ricey McMenamin and Liam Neeson came in, rigged out in military regalia firing AK47s in the air. Ricey grabbed me by the arm and pulled me outside while Neeson approached forward aiming his rifle at the FF top brass. Ricey told me that I shouldn’t be here and that they’ll get my money back, he said The Border Bull was in a helicopter above and to make way to a field over to the left where I can escape.

I started to run over to the field where I could see the helicopter landing, I hopped in the door where I was sitting beside Joe Brolly who was smoking a pipe, wearing an all black outfit and a black beret. He greeted me with “How ya getting on Bomber?” The Border Bull said nothing as he brought the helicopter bank up in the air, as I glanced downwards I could see the tent ablaze in flames.

I woke up after that.


I had read four lines of that and wondered if the Border Bull would make an appearance. You didn’t let me down.


I was either the lead singer with Thin Lizzy or a Thin Lizzy covers band. We were playing a pub somewhere in the 1970s. I was yelling do you want to hear the Sweet. No the crowd called. Do you want to hear the Osmonds. No. And so on until do you want to rock. Yes. And then I woke up.


I’m having shit loads of vivid dreams these days. Can I get an interpretation of this one please @ChocolateMice

Last night I dreamt that I was renting a house along the main thoroughfare in Ballybricken, Waterford around where Bescos used to be. It was like a bedsit where the bedroom was immediately inside the front door. I was asleep one night anyway when the door suddenly shot open and 2 very tall black lads entered the room. Assuming that they were burglars I tried to roar at them but nothing was coming out of my mouth, I assumed it was due to shock. They looked surprised to see me there and nonchalantly turned around and walked back out the door.

Fast forward to a couple of hours later where I’m walking back to the house with the landlord, telling him the story of what happened. We walk into the house, through the bedroom and out to the kitchen at the back of the house where we find the 2 black lads, a lady friend of theirs and a cat sitting around the kitchen table playing cards. At this stage I wake up.

After Liverpool’s Europa League win against Dortmund I dreamt that we holidayed with Jurgen Klopp and his family


I had one last night where I uncovered some sort of betting method where I could not lose and knew the outcome of every sporting event beforehand. I shared the information with the brother but told him to not be too obvious about it and spread the bets around different bookies. I was making bets here and there winning a few grand here and there but also deliberately losing bets so I wouldn’t blow the ruse. Then the mother rang me and said the brother had won 550k on a single bet and wasn’t it great. The next thing I was belting the head off him in front of extended family who all turned on me and excommunicated me from the family. Not entirely sure what happened next but the ruse was blown anyway and I was in a cell cursing my brother and my family.


Sounds like sleep paralysis, mate. Do you actually live in a bedsit in Waterford?


I had the same dream. We went to Machhu Pichu, then floated down the Amazon in a paddle steamer. Klopp’s hair was longer, a la Klaus Kinski in Fitzcarraldo, and he had a bunch of Indian lads running around in some kind of Gegenpress style, except they weren’t playing football.
Where did ye go on holidays?



Mine was sketchy enough but I remember there was a bit of hill walking involved also. It looked like something you’d see in the lake district or something. There was also a bit of fishing involved


I’ve never lived in Waterford


Bescos :clap: :clap:


Some kind of power struggle going on in your life, pal… Or identity issues perhaps?

You have the whole Kilkenny /Waterford boundary issue going on - and two unknown intruders taking over - the cat can represent both power and the female- these two can be linked here tho and the big black lads represent masculinity and you are being emasculated by them…

Someone moving in on/ taking over an area/aspect of your life where you were once boss, pal? In business or personal space?


I’m going to digest that, search deep within my soul for some answers, take the neccesaey actions and follow the path which my subconscious mind has laid out for me.

Cheers pal, that was very helpful


The ‘problem’ with dreams is that they are relaying deep seated fears/anxiety, pal… stuff we are never really aware of.

This damn conscious mind of ours is like a 20 bit computer - or a commodore 64 if you like - whereas the subconscious is like a nasa powered super computer working on overtime - We are only logged into the commodore 64 tho and we struggle to deal with the messages the super computer is sending us… there are ways of getting both more in sync… meditation being one… but most of us will continue letting the commodore 64 be the captain of a ship that it has no control over.


A couple of months ago I had a dream where my late grandmother was reciting that poem about daffodils by Wordsworth to me.

I haven’t read that poem for years and wouldn’t remember the words of it if you asked me in my conscious state but in the dream the words of it were flowing freely through her wonderful Monaghan voice.

I’m glad I had that dream, it was sad yet pure and comforting.


I had a very strange dream last night.

Can’t quite remember all the details and I am suffering from a nasty headcold so the lemsip, paracetomal and cough bottle might have had an effect.

I was back in the previous area where I worked. I happened to meet some old work colleagues and one of them informed me that I had a meeting with another colleague back at the office. I seemed to get there with great gusto and was quite excited about this meeting but when I got to the front of the building it there was a queue with bouncers and a velvet rope just like a fancy night club. There were some teenagers ahead of me, half a dozen or so of them, giving it big licks and calling me out. I got in a verbal altercation with one of them whereby he goaded me into punching him. When I did he fell to the ground and was lifeless and appeared to be dead, I thought to myself that I had ruined everything and then woke up.

@ChocolateMice can you analyse this?


You are worried your co-op student will show you up


Dreaming of an old job like that can be harking back to a time when you were flying it or full of confidence…not that things are not going well now but it was a time when the world was your oyster and you could have gotten to the top but now that has been denied to you… the teenagers is a big thing… maybe that was you a few years ago, full of gusto and now you are just settling…

In all, I think you are just maturing but a little bit of you is yearning for a time when you were a bit more foot loose and fancy free.


But I didn’t particularly enjoy the job or the time and left it after 6 months and it was the inverse of what you say above :confused: