Dreams by Choco


Easy -You are not feeling apprecited/understood, pal.


Well fuck it, Chewy… it’s hard without knowing what’s going on in someone’s life…

There’s a past period in your life and you were excited about it in the dream— you are being denied entry to it now ------ and younger lads are laughing at you. This was enough to make you lash out.

Maybe you originally thought the job was gonna lead to big things and are disappointed/ angry now on a subconscious level? Something recently could have set this off…


this morning i remembered the main theme of my dream, a rare occurance.
the wife and i were on a stage somewhere and things quickly developed to herself being announced as Prime Minister of Britain. there could have been a vote or something but that was unclear but she won it anyway and the job was hers.
a bit of discussion ensued and a few handshakes, there were loads of people around but they were all faceless.
next thing it seems im at home and sorting the logistics of getting to london. im also wondering how the whole thing will work.
then i arrive in london and walk into a hotel and herself is on a leather sofa with a blanket and a book in the lobby. nice hotel. the feeling was she had slept there.
we are chatting and i broach how things are going. she says theres been little or no progress but will be meeting someone today. she says she needs to find out the exact job description from this person. i ask where she will be staying. she says Cameron was put up in a decent hotel (she named it but i forget) and was going to push for that one. i asked her to make sure they would pay for her flight home every weekend. she made some comment about being a bit in over her head but i told her she was well qualified and a good organiser. i asked what she was going to do with the kids now. she said she was going to ask them to pay for an au pair for her.
thats all i remember.


I don’t even have to read it, pal. You’re a cunt and so is your wife.




comeon you cunt this is a cry for help. i need you. help me out dicko


It feels like your wife is taking a back seat from some sort of responsibility within the family, pal. The Brexit was the first thing that came to mind when I read Britain… Is she starting a new venture in life? Doing a night course? Or something that your worried might cause a wedge between you?


thanks for your help kid.
ill need to sit her down and get it out of her, whatever the fuck it is she is up to.


I had a weird one last night where i was fighting in some war that was playing out on the streets of Dublin. For some reason i understood it to be World War 2, it was back in the olden times anyway, and it was playing out in black and white in my dream like an old film. Anyway @Fagan_ODowd had posted something here in advance that he too would be fighting in this war representing the Waterford brigade or some such. So there we are in the thick of things, i must have been representing the Limerick branch, anyway we were on the same side, and the next thing i see the Waterford brigade in front of me. They were the first line the mad bastards and pushing something ahead of them like a big weapon, this armoured thing with spikes sticking out of it, like a game of thrones type scenario advancing on the enemy with this thing and meanwhile getting pelted with gun fire and weapons from the enemy. They had like a banner overhead saying Waterford 4th brigade or something and it was blue and white. I remember thinking Fagan could be up there stuck in that and they were all sitting ducks. The next thing there was an explosion and most of the Waterford fellas ended up fucked on the ground with very bad injuries or dead. I advanced ahead quickly looking for Fagan but they were mostly younger fellas. Then i saw this auld lad, he was wearing a flat cap, and he writhing in agony. I held him there in my arms and i was shouting for help but the scene was pandemonium. There was no-one coming. He died there in my arms. He just sort of gradually diminished and then vanished in my arms into thin air as opposed to dying and then leaving a physical corpse. I woke up after that and i broke down crying.



I was almost in tears reading that myself. Real vivid stuff.

I don’t know what to make of that, pal… Where does Fagan stand on the Celeb Spotting issue?


You need to get off the Internet and get a ride pal.


Thanks for looking out for me @Smark. Although I couldn’t say it at the time your kindness was a real comfort to me as I departed for the next life.


Would you always dream in lower case?


I dreamt on Friday night that a lady in work scored a hat-trick for Blackburn Rovers Ladies and myself and a load of colleagues had backed her for first goalscorer.


Good to see you supporting ladies sports in your dreams mate, you’re a true feminist.


Wouldn’t you think his auld pal @HBV would get one of his “girlfriends” to give him an auld sympathy ride


Don’t need any help with that but thanks for your concerns.


Just a suggestion is all


@HBV was trying to set me up with one of his “girlfriends” at one stage a while back, I’d be happy to pass on that kind offer to his pal @smark.


Do or he’ll surely have to be squeezed


I don’t need it chaps. I’m sure @HBV wouldn’t mind doing it and i’m sure it’d be lovely but it’s unnecessary. I have my life in order in recent times and am flying it really.