Dreams by Choco


Are you afraid she was looking for a penis as part of the deal, pal?


I don’t really know what @HBV was looking for out of the deal really, you’d have to ask her yourself.


Nothing. I thought you might relax if the most beautiful woman you’d ever met noshed you off.


I came home last night on a real high after my day in Tipperary only to find “the wind that shook the barely” was on. I was pumped up on republicanism and watched it t with gusto and a few glasses of brandy well if I didn’t have a dream about it last night . The long and short of one of the dreams was I was an IRA comander in charge of executing traitors. The location was around clonmel somwhere They brought up this fella who was bawling crying begging for forgiveness. Myself and Eammon Devalera were interogating him.


Dreamed that Anthony Cunningham borrowed my car and wrote it off, then wouldn’t pay me for it last night. I tracked him down to a water dam (similar to the Hoover Dam but surrounded by miles of bog). As I chased him to a cul-de-sac, he turned around with nowhere to run, just as he did I heard trodding footsteps behind me and turned around to see the Galway hurling team. They all started shouting “Cunningham, ya cunt, where’s the money for my car.”

That was my last memory of the dream.


I presume Cunningham then pointed to Davy Glennon and said that Glennon had spent it in the bookies?


Had a dream last night where I found out I was adopted and my biological parents were a Russian hooker and a black chap.


FAO of @ChocolateMice: I need a dream interpretation please. I dreamt the other night that I left my apartment and bumped into the neighbouring apartment dweller outside at the lift (only our 2 apartments on the top floor). I’ve never met him before but he introduced himself and said he hoped I didn’t mind that he was giving a girl he knew a dig out and was letting her run a business from the hall/landing area.

Then I noticed that there were “Jansport” bags all over the hall and hanging up on the walls around by the lift and my front door. She was selling Jansport school/gear bags ONLY in the hallway by the lift and between the two apartments. Then the lift opened and a load of people emerged and started browsing the Jansport bags and manhandling them and generally wandering around the hall outside my apartment. I said I wasn’t happy about this but pushed past them into the lift and left the building.

Edit: I own a Jansport bag myself.


Bumped for @ChocolateMice.


Cat got your tongue cm?


What the fuck is a jansport bag?


Jansport is a brand of rucksack that was/may still be popular with female secondary/third level students and @Bandage.


Lads, do any of you get bad dreams if you lie on a certain side ?


If i lie on the side of alcohol & class A then exceptionally bad dreams always occur.


Always if I lie on my back.

Dreamt last night that I lost about 10 teeth in the middle of eating a particularly crunchy pizza.

When I woke up they were all still there. They got extra Colgate and extra Listerine this morning though.


That’s a bad sign. I read up about it before.


Do you feel there’s a lot of unnecessary baggage in your life at the moment?


Oh that’s interesting, @Mac.

Bumped for @ChocolateMice.


Has @ChocolateMice fallen out with you?


I have - I detest his Tipperary bias, the rotten bastard.

If I was still pals with him I’d say it sounds like his personal life is being invaded or encroached upon… He has never met his neighbour and seems to like this arrangement that he doesn’t have to make the effort when he gets home … the fact that this space is being wrecked says that something or someone is cutting too close to home.