Dreams by Choco


Unreal, cant argue with any of the content of that post


I had a dream the other night that I was watching live coverage of the Tour de France, with commentary by Phil Liggett, and there were terrorists chasing the cyclists. I then became one of the cyclists and was being chased myself, with Liggett still commentating all the while. The stage in question took place in very fine weather in medium-hilly country in Provence. I ended up getting away from the terrorists but some of the other cyclists were not as lucky.


Financial worries pal? I had a reoccurring dream like this for about a year or two around 2008 when collecting cheques from lads led to a lot of wild goose chases.


This is a fascinating one Sid. There is a lot of significance littered throughout your dream. I might have a shot at this while @ChocolateMice is preparing a deeper analysis.

To start, the Tour de France could be seen to be symbolic of addiction. (This notion is bolstered by the fact you were watching, but this wasn’t enough and then you had to take part.) Addiction. Not necessarily to drugs. It could be an addiction to being seen to be right. Liggett commenting all the while points to a need for that justification of being right.

The terrorist reference is intriguing. As are the other cyclists. Could it be pointing to you and a select minority against the world? The fact that the only person of significance to get away was you simply means that you are better than everyone else.

I’m having a difficult time deciphering the fine weather and the moderate difficulty of the terrain. It could be representative of an aversion to hard work.


Sid is giving a tour de France in the presidential thread and the republican terrorists like Project X and Tim just can’t catch him.


@KinvarasPassion & @somerandomperson, I had an auld look on the Google Machine about this, it turns out that dreams about your teeth falling out are like the arch-dreams of the dream interpretation world, full of ominous portents and profound revelations.

I have a theory though that a lot of people brush their teeth before going to bed and think to themselves in the process: “Fuck @PhattPike, when was the last time you went to the dentist?”


Just before I head to bed, I had 2 from last night.

FAO of @ChocolateMice:

  1. I was getting a lift home with a man. I was a teenager and he was older. I didn’t know the man and I don’t know why I was travelling with him. He said the GAA club (unspecified) had an impressive new complex and we’d spin that way to see it. He instead drove to a secluded park and tried to kiss and fondle me. I fought him off, bolted out of the car and ran further into the park.

  2. I was in this big park and I noticed that an elephant was sinking down in marshy / quicksandy ground. He was making distressed noises and you could only see his head. I got my rope (had one handy), ran over, climbed up an adjacent tree, slung the rope around the elephant’s neck and casually dragged him to safety.

So I was nearly raped and then saved an elephant. Thoughts?


Hard enough to get that quality of drugs down the Country.


Story 1 and 2 are related mate. I’ve decoded it there for you. You probably need to experiment a bit with a close friend. You’d probably find you’ll be more satisfied at work too after it.


i) means you were sexually abused as a child. Straightforward enough.

In ii), the elephant is a metaphor for a large, overweight man, who was your abuser. The elephant’s tusks are a metaphor for your abuser’s genitals. The quicksand is a metaphor for him being convicted and sentenced to prison. Rescuing the elephant is a metaphor for you enjoying the sexual abuse and wanting it to continue.

New Newstalk line up

That’s a bit extreme, Sid.


The other night I dreamt that my sister was evil. She was trying to kill me. We were standing on our road from home. She went to harm me so I started to hit her, eventually smashing her head and upper torso into soft tar on the road.
Sensing I was still in danger I started running down the road. I looked around and saw her chasing me, like some kind of Terminator/zombie. I woke up then.


Thanks for the replies but I’d like @ChocolateMice to provide his interpretation, chaps.


Mike Baldwin recently murdered my grandmother who’s been dead 15 years and buried her in a ladder, the rest is sketchy but I don’t think he was apprehended.


Both represent power, mate. That’s what rape is about, power… And the elephant represents power and strength too… It’s interesting that in both cases it reached the point of extreme but you just got out of it. This could be related to your mates work predicament? Or Mrs Bando could be coming on hot and heavy, maybe wanting to shove a dildo up your hole or something… But youre doing enough to stay on top it seems but you certainly feel your power/strength is being tested in some aspect of your life, mate.


August 17th, 2016:

I am cycling through the village of Kinvara, Co. Clare, wearing a pair of jeans and a hoodie rather than cycling gear. There is a debs’ ball taking place in the village and around 100 young ladies are on the streets of the town before it. This scene resembles a human box of Quality Street from afar.

I cycle through the village slowly, taking in the scene, and then cycle away from the village in the direction of Galway. I misjudge a right hand bend, fail to take it properly and overshoot my bicycle into a grass bank/hedge on the left hand side of the road.

However, unbeknownst to me there is barbed wire (with the barbs being needles) protruding out from the hedge. I look down and feel what is initially a minor twinge. I unbutton my jeans and find that a needle has gone right through the shaft of my penis and there is blood everywhere.


Co Clare eh.
In joke?


I had two on concurring nights… First night I was flying a plane, I think there was a gang of us flying planes… These were large commercial planes. Anyway we landed for a bit and the lads said to throw in 200 Euro worth of petrol but I only stuck in 50… We had to take off then again and I’m sure it was my old street I grew up on it was a great feeling shooting down the road… I woke up when we were back in the air.

Last night I was back in a different neighbourhood I spent my teen years in. There was a massive storm and I was sitting by the front door watching it and tho we were quite a distance back from the river rouge waves were coming right up to the door sporadically… when I went back into the house there was a family there (no one I know) and when I said something to the affected of… this is the greatest storm of 2016… The mother figure scorned me and said we don’t talk like that here…we say it is the great storm ‘belonging’ to 2016… In short, she corrected my grammar.


You feel like you don’t belong in cork. Come home mate


Did you spend some time living with Princess’s mother when you first went to Cork? Could she be the grammar cunt? Do you fear that she doesn’t approve of you?