Dreams by Choco


When I left my house this morning?


Answer the question.


I had my first dream about gardening last night. I was pruning the hazel tree but I kept knocking the oranges off my orange tree due to my clumsiness, much to my chagrin.

I actually have an orange tree in real life, in my citrus grove.


You’ve been working hard on a project/relationship or some venture in your life … seeing fruit suggests that all your hard work is about to pay off… but knocking the fruit off further suggests that it’s not all clear sailing and you are sabotaging your efforts somehow.


I’ve given that a like, an informative rating and a reply.


Last night I kept dreaming about different types of windows. One of the windows ended up knocking a wall of the house when it was being fitted.


Your lack of success in life has lead to you living in a poorly constructed death trap and you should get out now before something awful happens.


Munster Joinery are looking for an IT guy.




Well a window allows you to look out / or in … A broken window can suggest your outlook on some aspect of your life has been shattered - particularly if a wall has fallen over too - there are some kind of structural changes happening in your life - doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing either.


Last night I had a dream fletchers flyer won the Irish national next Monday by 20 lengths.


That’s easy - It means you’re a cunt.


Actually do you know what I think it might be.

I’m ordering new windows for my house today and having a tough time making up mind which ones to go with. Do you think it could be linked?


Are you ordering a new wall also?

There’s a good chance it could very well be linked, but i’m no expert, just a random guy on the internet offering free advice.


What happens when an ex pops up in your dreams? When I have dreams I usually forget them by the morning, this one was quite vivid though. Nothing happened but strange to see her after all this time and after not thinking about her in a long while.



Uh oh…


i’d come clean and just tell your wife now before this gets out of hand.



Go on…


How did it end with this lady? Was she a cunt?


Was there a boiling rabbit in this dream per chance?