Dreams by Choco


John 15:2


Looking back at it now she was grand. Just wanted to settle down and I didn’t want it at the time.


Not that I can remember Mike. She didn’t have a big perm on her head either…


Grand. That’s a guilty conscious ruled out so.

She wasnt from Tipp was she?


No, Cork girl.

Haven’t been near a Tipp bird since jerseygate… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The NRA will drive the new road through your house yet.




I had a dream last night that Larry Murphy held a press conference where he announced that he had taken Maddie McCann. No more details were disclosed as to where she is now, and bizarrely no one asked.

That was followed by my usual recurring one of facing into the Leaving Cert without having studied at all. I must get that one every week.


Larry Murphy is clearly Davy Fitz and Maddie is Jason Forde.

As for the exam - It’s either neglected responsibility/ duty or or regret of past actions.


From discussions down the years with people, the exam one is very common.


Ah yeah or the one about not getting enough points.


You’re feeling like you’re not getting the best out of yourself in life mate



I dreamt last night that Tattersalls refused to take the horse for the Derby sale. I woke up in a ball of rage.


I had a lie in today, christ I had two mental dreams there, one at half 6 and one at half 8

in the first one I was chairing a monthly progress meeting at work, Noel Meade and @Bandage were at it for some reason as was bandages old boss, it emerged bandage had been place on a disciplinary for something he had done by his old boss and went crazy during the meeting, blaming me for not explaining it to him properly, he got really violent and then stormed out

in the second one I was back chairing the meeting again, and was about to do a presentation, when Theresa May came into the room to sit it on it, I couldn’t find the cable to connect my laptop to the equipment and then she went mental, storming out of the room, saying that i was wasting her time

Both times I woke up very startled, and actually a bit shook



You are feeling powerless in the sexual department, mate.

Noel Meade = riding
The cable = your knob

@Bandage and Theresa May = cunts.

It’s probably to do with your lack of energy lately - I’m telling you get on the zinc.


where do I get this stuff?


You can get ZMA in any good supplement shop, give it a google … you can have mad dreams from it.

Regular zinc can be got in any health store.

It’s a game changer for recovery if you’re putting in heavy sessions


Don’t listen to this pleb mate, he’s talking through his arse. Unless you live in the Sahara or are over 60 it’s unlikely you have a zinc deficiency. You are likely easily getting the required amount of daily zinc from your diet, you only need 10-15mg. Adding a zinc supplement is actually dangerous as zinc is toxic over 40mg daily.

Stick to the iron supplements.