Driving-getting started


Would you consider popping down to Poolbeg/Ringsend Power Station area? Industrial estate there that should suffice, and also a place to go have a nice walk and coffee with your life partner afterwards/during on the South Wall.


She will need a stiff drink id say after it


That’s about the only stiff she’ll get.


I was asking for a friend, mate. Just having a spot of lunch with him as it happens and he’s actually used that area before but finds it grim and grey and associates it with his most recent failure. Any suitable areas with bright murals and a nice landscape? You’d want your head examined to be driving down by that incinerator place.


Why doesn’t he get a driving instructor instead of second hand asking an Internet forum?


Check over your shoulder for Al porter first.


Hang on a second there. He’s just gone off looking for ketchup.


Them N plates are a waste of time I think.


Alright, he uses a driving instructor but wants to practice more himself (with his sponsor) between lessons in the lead up to his next test sitting.


Would he not find out from the driving instructor what corners they use in the test and practice on them?


UCD used to be good back in the day, but is it too built up now? I havent been out in the alma mater in quite some time.


Sandyford industrial estate in the middle i.e. away from the shopping areas and apartments, pretty quiet at the weekend.


It’s bad etiquette and frowned upon on Saturdays as tests are actually taking place and it becomes a jungle on Sundays with a motley crew of learner drivers jockeying for position, according to my pal.


Dont go anywhere there might bekids anyway tell your pal


The key is to practice on a few different types of corners. Cambridge road,near you, would be a good spot. There’s a couple of sharp turns and there’s a good long sweeping bend into the cottages on Ringsend Park.


Any of the bridges along the canal would be ideal, mate. Drive westwards on the canal and then turn left at each bridge you come to but stop suddenly just after you turn onto the bridge then quickly reverse back onto the canal. Just make sure you have your do whatever the fuck you feel like flasher lights on when you’re doing it.


I saw someone attempt this on O’Connell St (Limerick) yesterday in an attempt to get back into a parking space she had spotted.



The jackeens must be really shit drivers.


Newcastlewest and shannon were always recommended as the easiest places to sit the test