Driving-getting started


I passed in ncw after a clipping a kerb outside the motel


Odd, why did they reopen Churchtown and dump Rathgar? Always thought that the Rathgar routes were far worse for the person being tested and that’s why they went for it over Churchtown. I know they had overlapped them to a degree alright but some of the roads around Rathgar would be a nightmare for a learner.


I passed in ncw. I drove into the square and the tester said “imagine this is a roundabout”.


@Bandage book your next test for NCW.

You can stay with @Copper_pipe


He can do a few lessons with Paudie to get him used to the one way streets


It was probably one of the locals coming home from the square after the night before




Cc @Bandage




A source informed me it’s a load of bullshit


It’s cock pal, don;t worry about it


Newcastle West had the best past rate in the country of Category B Tests in 2017


That’s because Limerick people are the best drivers in Ireland. Can’t fail us.


Come down for the weekend @Bandage.


Going out for a starter course shortly for the 1st time with the latest young ccha to get a provisional licence.

Another one to drop and collect us for nights in town.


@Fagan_ODowd must have fallen foul of some “connected” hardcase on recent prowls.
He’s had a few cracker posts in this thread ranging from an avuncular relation to an irascible grumpy fucker.


whenever I glance at this thread title I always think it says “drink driving, getting started”


OMFG :fearful::fearful::fearful:


Incredible scenes?


Unprecedented. News that will shock the forum to its core.