Driving-getting started




Please tell me he did it !!!


I sense a nice post coming up…


Well they could hardly fail him again.


He failed again, didn’t he ?


A nation holds its breath…


Vroom. Vroom. Beep. Beep.

Have a bit of that.



Congrat mate.

Is it wise to have that serial number there I wonder? I have no idea being honest


WE’RE THERE :red_car:


Best to delete it perhaps alright, thanks. I’ll exercise caution just as I did when approaching a tradesman’s van with his hazard lights on parked on a grass verge on a sharp bend during my test.


She’ll make a man out of you yet.



You beauty! Get in there ! Irish motoring has been enriched


Well done pal.




Congrats mate, I can’t help but feel that the forum has become a little bit poorer though, we’ve all lost something today


Well done aul’ stock. Mercifully I’m unlikely to be traversing the roadways of the Eastern seaboard.
On a related issue, would you have any interest in a 141 Passat ? :wink::wink:


What’s your insurance costing you?? :joy:


He’ll have to buy a set of N plates as well!


:clap: Is there a level above a Great Post? If all the aliases work together on this one it could break the hundy.