Dublin GAA Thread

No chubby brown


I’ve seen it all now. @TheUlteriorMotive, please explain why ye are selling Tennis membership?

There’s a tennis club attached. It’s a multi sport club. There used to be a swimming pool too.

clay? grass?

what mate?

Not for you mate, you’d show up for a singles match and there’d be two on the other side


They are never going to live it down, are they? :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

They’ll have to go for a rebrand


Is that Anthony Taylor?

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He clearly went for him there.

The ref should get a 96 week ban for being a fucking Clown

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I would still like to see the other angle

You can tell by the reaction

It looks like a total overreaction by ref, but I would still like to see it from other angle. The ref in question has a decent CV, which makes the decision harder to fathom.

It’s the change in direction from archer when your man catches the ball. Id say he clipped him and ot looked to the ref like he changed direction to run straight at him but its clear from the video that he only has eyes for the ball and it barely knocked him off his stride.

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Yeah, but did he throw the elbow at him on way past? Hard to tell.

Just didn’t realise it was the ref I’d say

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Ah Juhniallio…I was hoping for some inside skinny from you on this…


Fucking joke.