Duncan Smith - Labour TD for Fingal

Why does he hate Mother Earth?

Why does he love fossil fuels?

Why is he hated?

Does he know anything about a certain house extension?



Why does he think the answer to traffic congestion is more roads?

I don’t think he was alive at the time that house was extended but I’d imagine he’s about to get stick for it.

@Dav1 is awfully quiet on this

He is the chosen candidate of a man who was directly connected and indeed a rent free beneficiary of an extension built contrary to accepted planning regulations.

You can smell the beef and the ICE off him

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Unfortunately corruption does not belong just to yesteryear. Duncan ‘kill the planet’ Smith is the smarmy face of Labour in fingal: he has direct links to a family in portmarnock whom I suspect of having undue influence over the local council and using this influence to stop the creation of a football goal on our local green. In short this family who promote themselves as guardians of the game, I suspect directly contacted the council to have work on a goal stopped. The council arrived out on a Sunday to stop a minor clearing of a bush to make a pitch playable. The council guy said ‘some local big wig pulled a few strings’ but he didn’t give a shit as it was si day overtime. There is only one family with that amount of pull who would have been aware. More details to follow tomorrow once brief legal conversation had with @rocko but for now safe to say Labour = anti football


Straight up and honest man

He looks like that prick off the x factor

well well well…
so ladies and gentlemen of the forum, there we have it.
the rnli have officially endorsed Duncan ‘planet hater’ smith. when it comes to election time the old unionist community are quick to rally around their candidate,
The rnli directly benefit from climate change and rising sea levels with an uplift in their profile, so we shouldnt be surprised that the candidate they endorse wants to restart coal mining in feltrim.
i think i speak for the forum when i ask @Juhniallio to tell us the official labour party view on admiral @Dav1 and the floating SAS…

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Labour is anti football? Labour is football you mad fucker.

The Smithies are circling their wagons here in record time. They’ve too much to lose from the truth coming out. Stay safe @Funtime

your alliance with @Dav1 is sickening.
when you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.

@Dav1 seems like a decent bloke all told. There’s worse hobbies than saving lads lives.



Heard smith won’t be getting any votes in Rush

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News has spread down the peninsula he’s the first and only candidate to break the pact not to poster Main Street, Rush. Any truth to this?