Dundalk vs Bate-the biggest game in the history of popular English sports in Ireland

Dundalk win this and hey get a piss easy last game to get to the champions league

with the 20 million they get, they can rebuild their ground and be the rosenberg of Irish football

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Time to buy shares in Fyffes.

How did the Hooped club get on with the zillions they made embarrassing themselves (and the country) in the Europa league a couple of years ago? I thought they would have parlayed that windfall into an insurmountable advantage by now.

Dundalk will be bate

If Dundalk win it will forever be known as the day that changed ireland

The statue of Richie Towell at Gormanstown airfield will be a lovely thinkpiece for visitors to that area.


Anybody answer this?

Hard to believe it’s 11 years since Shels nearly dumped Deportivo out of the Champions League.

yeah was at that game in Lansdowne, 0-0, Wes Hoolahan made shit of Deportivo
I dont think Dk have a hope on Wednesday TBH, watched a rerun of the game and the skill level and touch of BATE was a mile from Dk, think they’ll get done 2 or 3 nothing TBH,
BATE have options that Dundalk do not have simply, they’ll be wise to them also now, the plastic pitch, shitty condtions might unsettle them a bit but they play a few miles from Chernobyl so they wont have an issue with being close to Drogheda… BATE are max bet really, itll be no price tho



The solvency of SRFC is gauranteed for decades

Dundalk holding their own out in Belarus, 0-0 with BATE after 52 mins.

Bit nervy there. Striker well offside but not sure they realised that.

Sub on for BATE scores immediately. It was coming in fairness.

Poor goal to give away after holding out for so long. Very sloppy pass and Rogers didn’t cover himself in glory.

The Dundalk right back has been dodgy all night and really fucked up there

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Awful goal to concede, 1-0 will still be a decent result.

They need a goal. European teams are very tactically aware and adaptable (relative to LOI anyway), used to long journeys and adapt vetter than we do. One would expect them to be even better in Ireland once they have a real good look at Dundalk (i realise they played them recently but both teams have changed a bit)

Number 62 has been class for BATE since he came on. Decent result if it stays at 1 but still not a hope they’ll go through IMO


A only reasonable Cork City team played them off the park for 1.5 games this season. If City hadn’t those silly early resumts they’d be too comfortably. Dundalk not as good as recent years at all.