Dunph Tips - Part Deux

I went to bump the original mega thread to see if there was any hope that Dunph might renew his tipping service, but I see it has been locked.

So Dunph, what say you? Will you make us rich again?

I am retired from the tipping game. I had a thread going over a long period of time which was making me and others obscene money but all i got for my trouble was abuse and sneery remarks. I wouldn’t say there is an appetite for me to return to the tipping game anyway, sure don’t ye have a messiah now?

You can never have enough good tipsters.


Dunph is hardly needed with TTK around tbf.

I’ll take it as a No then?

I imagine Dunph is playing the long game here. Much like a broken up rock and roll band he is swearing the reunion, comeback tour and obscene financial gain that surely follows are not on the cards. The die hards are teary-eyed and suicidal, begging openly on forums and pleading for the second coming. This continues until the crowds will not be denied and the Dunph announces the comeback tour (probably from the Champs Elysses). It may be for a limited period, he may have greyer hair and look like late 70’s Elvis, but the King will be back.

Very kind words, Juhniallio.

Look, it is not my wish to make a comeback and as far as i am concerned i am in retirement but if the forum spoke and said they wanted me to return who would i be to ignore that.

I think James Dunphy left this board long ago. I can’t see him making a return. Sorry to disappoint, Runt mate.

He’s talking about me, mate.

The original and best tipster with the highest points return on tfk.com.

I certainly would be keen on The Dunph making a return to the tipping game.

Used love his Steepledowns tips

There was only ever one and it was a 12/1 winner. Salmon Weir was the selection.

I think there is only one thing for it. A poll

Runt, when you are finished getting your bosses lunch will you please set it up

Think he has to wash his bosses car then. Runt when you are finished your tasks set it up please.

Dunph, you should make some demands here as you are in a great bargaining position.

Good point. Not sure what i could demand though. Royalties perhaps…

Could ask for a few people to be banned as well before my tipping column returns.

Yes, i think you should issue an ultimatum to the board, if they want the Dunph’s tipping column back then X, Y and Z will have to be banned off the board first.

Runt, start a poll about who the forum wants banned. We are going to get rid of three people.

Runt when you are starting the poll have it timed to come down early tomorrow please as my first tip back will be time dependant…

Huzzah :clap: