Dying words

what would be your last words if you were given the chance to say them. mine would be a quote from the opening line from the godfather:

“i believe in America”

Quality Ball Ox.

Mine would be:

‘Sure I’ll see ya when I see ya.’


The “good” old days

We’ll do it some day.

I did it my way…

“I’ve felt worse”.

Yours etc,

My money* is hidden in the…

[size=“1”]*There will be no money.[/size]

“I’ll get you for this Mac”

I’d have to say the most touching dying words I’ve ever heard were in Neighbours when Daphne, in the final moments of a coma from which she would not awaken, somehow managed to utter the words “Goodbye Clarkey” to a tearful Des, before passing away seconds later. A rare moment of humanity in Australian society.

Whats going on here then?

what happened to ball ox?? he seems like an alright sort

Mine would be “Fuck Tipp”

‘Get off me Noddy’

Could be few

‘‘where the fuck is my phone’’

‘‘go back you cunt’’ as I’m about to be killed by a cow that has just given birth or gored by a bull

‘‘fuck the county board’’

With my last breath, I curse Zoidberg


“You’ve been a great wife, Kelly, if you wish to remarry Billy Zane or Danny Cipriani after I’m gone that’s fine with me” (dies)


I walloped my shin off a unit I was making up today… It was on the ground and I was dashing over to the rescue of the young lady when I hopped off the bastard thing. My shin won’t stop bleeding… I had a plaster on it and it come off there and started pumping again… I don’t think I’ll live through the night. I just wanted to tell you all that I love you…but not in a gay way. And in relation to the racist twitter account, well that’s