Dying younger

Have posters noticed that more and more people are dying alot younger these days.

I was at 2 funerals in the past month where seemingly fit & healthy 55-60 year olds passed away suddendly. While in the grave yard i noticed 5 recent headstones and again the occupiers were all in the 50-60 year old bracket.

Is food, water or additives etc a major source in medical problems in the population these days? My parents say that when they were younger that most funerals were for people in their 70-80’s.

Scary stuff.

Fuckin hell

no, people are living longer and that is a stone cold fact im afraid.


Who the fuck wants to live beyond 80?

A consise and clear opinion Fran :clap:

When I die
I want to die
Not in a home
Built for the unknown
But at the hands of a maasai

No Harry its just your getting older

Me, I see my 96 year old neighbour out for nuts there, he will will be off out the land in his 165 to heard and feed his cattle tomorrow first light

No Harry its just your getting older

That could be it TC

:lol: what the hell are you on about? That last past of your post is hilarious.

My mate Ultan is 83. Wife pre-deceased him many years ago and he lives quite a lonely existence for the last 10-15 years since retirement.

So this isnt about the much underrated Julia Roberts film then?

Sounds like a sick fucking bastard.

Not at all lad.

A man who went to my local most Saturday nights passed away suddendly this morning and it got me thinking is all.

As TC said, his neighbour is 96 yr old neighbour is still motoring well and you can be sure he don’t eat half the processed shite most of us do etc.


I think people have always drank water.

:lol: :lol: :lol: Not wrong

When are we bringing back iotm?

Not sure about that FOD but as the forum geriatric what’s it like to be old?

IOTM would be hard won these days it must be said.

That’s a fact alright but there is always plenty of young peoples headstones in the graveyard. It’s a sobering thought.

I feel like I’m on borrowed time after reading this thread.