Early Risers Club - A sneak peek into Corkie’s work practises

Takes a certain type of person to be able to drive a bus/ truck.
Vv unhealthy occupation,
And I don’t do traffic v well anymore,
Up at a St Pat’s/ CCFC match lately,
Fuckin stuck in traffic ( quays etc,one and a half hours,I was ready to fuckin drive into the Liffey after it.

Even roared at my poor son( my knee was fuckin bouncing)

" By fuck you’d better get fuckin started driving ASAP kid,or the money I gave you for lessons ( e900)
I expect reimbursement within 6 weeks"

Like a bear


Great money going for it too. Bus Eireann holding recruitment days. Savage money to be cleared on tour buses

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Locally city service here are in dire need of drivers,
But couldn’t doit



Thus is the life
Early start
Turner’s Cross to hopefully see CCFC grab a point off Rover’s


Gerrup! Tis going to bea good one. Ye’ll be moaning when it’s raining


Hup out of it

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The dog will sleep this evening

Sorry lads, slept it out


Only woke at the 6 bells myself this morning.

Some day for the bog


First port of call now. Boiling the kettle and bringing a flask with me

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Lads in bed dreaming while I’m out chasing my dreams.

What a day, what a city. #COYH


Not yer finest home victory based on other reports?

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3 points is a win
99.99 CCFC supporters are absolutely disgusted about those 2 muppets,who are identified,and CCTV proof has been forwarded

They weren’t in the ground,
Bit in the corner flag pub, overlooking tbe pitch, disgusting cunts

And if u knew my real persona,you’d track what I said on Twitter,and to who

Fall out happening already,an innocent mammy daddy and a teen got a hiding last night by rover’s fans,
It’s mad,as this behaviour is happening for years with a section of our fuckin ultras,
Aping what’s happening across the pond

Sane clobber,no colours,drink and coked up,
Pre arranged fights etc etc
And it’s innocent ppl get caught up in it

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Some how you seem to be making out Rovers are the bad guys and cark are the good guys here

Admins need to step in

Same old Rovers, always beating

I’d be wary travelling to Tallaght for a while
Over our muppets

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We should give it till the new stand is finished and then opened. 36 months I’d say :ok_hand:

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