Early Risers Club


Only contribute if you’re up and ready for the day between 04:30 and 06:30


Surely that should be average risers? What kind of article would be still in bed at 06:30 :worried::worried::worried:


best part of the day


I notice a savage lack of drive and working ethos in the mid west and Ireland in general, I could barely get a cup of coffee or a breakfast at 6 o clcok on Sunday morning in Limerick city, everyone still in the scratcher, its not a modern country at all


You’d have a mornings work done before the likes of @Robert_Emmet are out of the scratcher.


Half the wasters of here would only be heading to the scratcher at those times.


One not getting the bus from Gorey to Dublin for work.


Dont tell me you’re wasting your life in bed pal


Shur I’d be ating the dinner at 1/2 eight


Those of us getting up this early are serfs / eegits .

We should be working the head .


I’ll be up at 5:30


6:05 for me


Later than Id like but you’re a bit older I guess


If I’m up before 8.30am something has gone desperately wrong


signing in for 6 05 as well- its pretty much bedlam then till we pile out at 7
after midnite is bedtime


Do we only post in the thread between those times? Or do we post in here if that’s our regular getting up time? The lack of clarity here is disappointing


that annoys me allright
that and the fact a cafe dosent stay open after half 5 - if you want food it into a pub any evening- and no food in a pub after 9, backward


is there lads on here still going into a office to work? like a Victorian?


i don a three quarter length coat and work in a grocery shop


6 months 6am and 6 months relatively flexible.
Come October 1st will be leaving the house around 6am and leaving last call between 6 and 7pm. Full throttle then until Easter week when it dies a death until the following October.